Do you have a skill or service that you make money from?

A part-time endeavor that you feel could become a full-time business?

Is your side hustle becoming a growing concern and you recognize that you need a real plan before it begins to take over your life?

You go online for some real time entrepreneurial education but all the courses and webinars out there just feel too…. well, too overwhelming. I mean what the heck is a sales funnel or an opt-in offer? And what if you don’t want to make a 7-figure income, or maybe you do but you’re not sure you’ve got the energy, drive or online savvy to do the level of work it’ll take to make that kind of money?

A house is only as good as it’s foundation after all. If you are a heart centered soulful person who wants to create a viable business, there is a gentler way to do things. An entrepreneurial way that is more authentic, and value driven.

We’ll work together to develop your values and your businesses personal brand. Because as a soulful entrepreneur, they are one and the same.

Together we can build a platform that can authentically communicate to the folks that are looking for exactly what you have to offer. That’s what is known as your ideal client and believe it or not, they are waiting, right now, for what you have to offer them. No hype, no slick, icky selling systems involved.

I work with life coaches, energy healers, astrologers, intuitive readers, small retail start-ups and any entrepreneur who wants her business to be as much about human connection, as it is about profits

Let me show you a gentler way to be profitable, because more and more, folks are choosing businesses that communicate values that align closely with their own. Ones who put the customer first before the bottom line.

I offer, one on one coaching packages, personally designed for you to:

  • Help you develop your own personal business brand.
  • Help you develop a philosophy for the services you provide (your brand values).
  • Develop your ideal client profile.
  • Help you create a practical marketing plan with connection, education and industry leadership as the core communication focuses.

Individual session (90 minutes) – $95.00
12-week packages start at $995.00

Let’s have a, no obligation conversation.

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