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For over 15 years, I’ve been helping folks just like you find clarity for your life with the wisdom of Tarot.

But what is an Intuitive Tarot card reading you may ask?

You are never alone. You are always connected to the universe and it is constantly speaking to you in the form of signs and symbolism using nature, spirit guides, angels and even both good, and bad events in your life. You need only to pay attention.

Tarot cards use symbolism just like the universe does, but I’ll also contact your spirit guides for any messages they may have to help me understand what it is you really need to know right now in order to move forward in your life. Between your guides and the Tarot cards, you’ll begin to see a clear path.

What to expect when you book a reading.

I do both online and in person readings. I use Zoom or Facebook Messenger video for online readings or in person at my home studio.

Allow for 1.5 hours of uninterrupted time for your reading with me. For online readings, I recommend that you choose a quite, private space where you can be comfortable and feel relaxed and have your device plugged in, to avoid dying batteries.

I ask that you come to the appointment with an open mind and lots of questions. It’s your reading after all, so get the most out of it.

When booking your reading, I will ask for your full name, full date of birth and also, your place of birth. That’s to contact your spirit guides which I’ll do before we meet.

What’s it cost?

My fee for a full intuitive reading is $95.00 to be prepaid before your appointment time via etransfer, PayPal, or cash.

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I looking forward to meeting you and reading for you.

Diana Frajman – Modern Crone

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