Sometimes life changes and you need another person’s perspective to see the possibilities available for you to transition to the next step on your life path.

Sometimes you just need some practical, non-critical advice from someone who is not emotionally invested in the situation, because maybe the ones who are emotionally invested are part of the issue.

And sometimes, you don’t even know what you need, but you do know that how your life is right now, is not working and maybe you could use some practical wisdom to gain a little perspective and clarity.

It’s not professional counselling that you need – just a kindly, wise soul who can ask the right questions and hold non-judgmental space for you while you figure out the right course of action to get unstuck. A personal mentor may be a good option.

  • Help you see the beliefs that are keeping you stuck.
  • Ask the hard questions and help you find the best answers.
  • Help you define new goals and intentions.
  • Hold you accountable to those new goals and intentions.
  • Help you grow as a person.

I believe in practical, wisdom for everyday life. That’s just how I operate. Nothing technical, or intense, just honest communication that aids in clarifying the issues that are keeping you stuck so that a new reality can be created, and life can go on – a better life.

Let’s have a, no obligation conversation.

Individual session (90 minutes) $95.00

3 – 6 month mentoring packages available as well. Price to be proposed after initial conversation.

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