I’ve always been fascinated with the ability of historians to create a picture of past centuries and generations through the study of old notebooks, diaries and journals. These impressions of ink on paper are an intimate window of a person’s life and work in a specific time and place.
Now imagine years from now, and a great-great grandchild or future relative finds your personal journal and begins to read. What pieces of wisdom will you pass down? What insights into your own culture might you teach the generations to come? What legacy will you preserve in the unique writings of your heart?
I ask these questions because we now live in the world of digital. As a culture, our history is no longer archived in physical repositories. Instead, they’re all in the clouds. But by creating a physical archive of a peak into your own life, no matter how mundane you may feel it is, you are allowing your spirit to become matter every time your journal is opened by you or someone else in the future.
So why not have a truly unique journal to document your life.

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