Did You know that wise, older woman are the most powerful brand females come in?

When you combine the vast knowledge the average woman accumulates over a lifetime and then add a fully matured intuition, the recipe is ripe for powerful wisdom.

Did you know that a Crone is a wise older woman? 

The modern Crone and her powerful wisdom can be a well of inspiration that is oh so needed in today’s society. She leads by example. She loves with a fully open heart. She does not hold back.

Crone Confidence is the art of calling forth your personal power, gracefully accepting your soul’s mastery, and then fearlessly stride into your elder years .

Are you ready?


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This is the home of a confident Crone.

Read my blog, it is full of sagely musings and timely wisdoms.

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My name is Diana Frajman


Welcome to Crone Confidence