Intuitive Tarot Card Readings

Communication comes in many forms: person to person, one to a group, business to client, in person, online and in the written word to name a few. I use tarot card as a means to help you communicate with your higher self.

Some folks call that higher self- God, Source, All That Is. I use the term the universe.

Tarot cards are a form of divination. A set of 78 pieces of cardboard with a different image on each one representing the trials and tribulations of one’s life. They are a tool to receive insightful messages from the universe. Nothing more or less.

It is when you combine that tool with one’s finely developed intuition that real wisdom can be divined to gain clarity and understanding from the universe of the situations that surround us.

Sometimes when we are stuck, what would be helpful is to use a tool that can act as a mirror so that you can see the situation from a different angle. When you look at things differently, the things you look at change. A tarot card reading can do that for you.

An intuitive tarot card reading is a great starting place for the curious seeker. It opens the inquisitive initiate to the mystical realm, the universal source of all wisdom and the truest form of communication – self to inner self.

I do not believe in reading for your future because you always have free will and so, you are always one decision away from altering the future for yourself. What I can do is offer the possibilities that your future may hold. Because, as Oprah Winfrey’s beloved mentor, the late Maya Angelou used to say, “When you know better, you do better.

I offer both private, in person and online readings by appointment only. Full name and birth date are required so I can connect to your spirit guides for relevant messages to correspond with the tarot cards.

Intuitive Tarot Card Readings

$95.00 for a 90-minute session

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