In My Studio

What can I say, I’m a creative person.

Welcome to my studio page, where you can peek in on what I’m currently creating when I’m not writing new blog posts or doing Intuitive Tarot card readings for others.

October 12, 2023

I haven’t posted anything in a while so here is one of my latest journals. It’s called Sea Witch.

January 9, 2023

What secrets does the moon know? Maybe they’re written in her personal journal. This is Moon Magic.

November 17th

The Grove Keepers Journal – is the result of using some of those delicious hand dyed and stencilled papers from last months creative prep.

Using a favourite urban fantasy fiction series by author, Katherine Genet as my inspiration for this project, I imagined the type of journal a Druid priestess in chargeof her sacred grove might use. Here is the results.

The Grove Keepers Journal flip through

October 25th

I’ve been spending my time in the studio lately dying and stencilling paper for future journals. I think it’s time to put the results to good use.

July 17th

This is Spell Caster and it’s going to it’s forever home tomorrow. I am always a little curious (and a bit anxious) to see what the reaction will be from the recipient when they open it up for the first first time.

July 5th

Every once in a while I spot something that sparks my curiosity. This little kit of a study corner did just that. While I thoroughly enjoyed the distraction from my usual creative work, once this little miniature vignette was completed, I found that my curiosity has been satiated. Time to get refocused and back to my own art.

May 11th

I created this journal for my dear friend Krish in celebration of his 50th birthday today. It incorporates the hand dyed papers and gel plate prints from Mar.27th to April 14th studio posts as seen below. The journal is called Into The Wild. Enjoy the video flip through.

Into The Wild Journal

April 21st

Free styling today with some awesome digital prints from My Front Porch on Etsy. Lots of fun to make something quick and just to be creative.

April 14th

Finishing up with some stencilling on my green hand-dyed paper today. Journal is taking shape. Should be complete next week and ready for a big reveal.

April 5th

Paper dying day. Starting a new journal for a dear friend’s birthday. Shhhh! It’s a secret. Note to self: Wear rubber gloves next time.


March 27/22

Gel printing funday Sunday. Sometimes you just have bring out the paints and inks and play.

March 18/22

I downloaded some journal paper printables from AMB Illustrations on Etsy to match some plain paper I had on hand. I thought for sure I knew what tone of purple my paper was but failed miserably. The moral of the story is, when in doubt, make another journal.

March 13/22

One more page completed in the latest journal that I’m working on.

March 10/22

Starting a new journal today. Mostly teal in colour but black and tea dyed paper as well. Thinking about calling it: Teal The End Of Time.

First page complete.

Feb 21/22

Here are some images of my sister and I playing and making felted bowls. Who knew fiber from sheep could end up as really cool vessels.

Choosing colours, adding soapy water and agitating the first layer using bubble wrap over a circle resist template.

Folding over edges of first layer.

More fun layers to felt in.

Cutting a hole to remove circle resist template.

Our finished bowls.

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