Who’s The Author Of Your Life?

I came across this post from a year ago and felt the message was relevant for me right now. If you are in need of a little starch for your backbone too, perhaps it will be for you as well.

Crone Confidence

DSC01368 (2)

Our lives, like a good storybook has many chapters. Some chapters full of adventure, some full of sorrow, some short and life altering and some long and flowing like a wide peaceful river. But at the beginning of every chapter there is one question that needs to be asked.

An author takes the time to plot out the story line. She has the bulk of the story marked out before she even puts one word on the page. Of course, as she writes, the story may take some unexpected twists and turns. Perhaps the author is afflicted with writer’s block along the way or better yet, a new inspirations hits her. What ever the development, the main thread of the tale continues strong thorough the process.

We can take a lesson from this process by asking ourselves one simple but powerful question as we start each and every chapter of our own lives.

How do I want to write my…

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