A Lesson For The Current World We Live In

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On a December afternoon several years ago when the damp grey sky would soon give way to black night, a lone, young lady stepped into the little vintage shop where I use to work. She was adorned with silk Poinsettia flowers in her hair, her coat and also tucked into the top of each of her leather boots.

I smiled and commented that she looked quite festive. At first she looked a bit apprehensive, not exactly sure if I was honestly giving her a compliment or if I was being sarcastic. Once she realized I was earnest in my sentiment, she brightened up considerably. We conversed for a short time about this and that and when she was ready to leave, she stopped and said, “Thank you for talking to me.”

I was astonished by her statement. Why wouldn’t I talk to her?

But then I got to thinking about it and a little insight came to light. This woman would probably be considered marginalized in our society. My suspicion was that she had an addiction problem but certainly issues with mental health. The fact was that most people would look right past her on the street even though she posed no threat and didn’t act in an erratic fashion. Yet the more I thought about it, the more I realized that a regular conversation where she could feel comfortable expressing herself and her opinions was the exception and not the norm.

I wrote about this very same interaction once before on my blog a few years back but felt it served as a good example once again for our current times, and this is why.

When I initially encounter a person, whether in the line of my work or in a random line in public, the first thing I do is send out my vibrational energy to get a sense of the other person’s energy. In fact we all do. Most of us just don’t realize that our energy fields are interacting in such a way because it happens instantly and on a subtle level.

Human are electro-magnetic being. Not only do we attract energy,  we send out energy as well. It is our energetic calling card in a sense and if we choose to develop our ability to interpret the energy of others via our intuition, we could determine in an instant if another person’s energy is safe for us to interact with.

Right now folks are making a lot of hard line opinions about other people based on race, sexual orientation, socio-economic circumstances, even words that they may use. We are lightening quick to pass judgement on others that we feel do not align with our own personal views and beliefs, and sadly, we are lashing out with anger and fear which only creates even more anger and fear.

Yet because we are energetic beings, we have the ability to assess another soul’s true intentions simply by reaching out with our own energy and assessing their authentic vibrations through our intuition.

What I know for sure is that modern society is becoming more diverse. As we evolve into a global community where we have regular interactions with all walks of life, and neighbourhoods become more ethnically diverse, and folks feel free to express their own personal expression of life, society can no longer use outdated measures for conformity. In fact, it is those antiquated societal rules that are the cause of most of our current societal woes.

For the world to progress past this current strife, we need to evolve from a material ideology to a energetic one.

What do I mean by that? We need to stop reacting because someone does no look or talk or think like us and instead interpret their energetic signature as a truer indicator of their personal integrity.  Simply put, do they have good vibes or bad vibes?

The lady with the poinsettias had good vibes. If I had made a quick judgement of her based on her looks alone as she entered the store, I probably would have interacted with her in a closed off, all business manner but because I chose to look past her outer appearance and instead assess her energetic field, I instead engaged her with a friendly open dialogue. One we both enjoyed and benefited from.

So the next time you encounter a total stranger who outwardly seems different from you, before you pass judgement and perhaps react in a well worn outdated attitude, consider sending out some energetic feelers first. Does this person vibrate with anger, or distrust towards you? Do you feel threatened? Use your intuition, access your true gut instinct and sense their true intention. Odds are what your outdated automatic reaction is really picking up is a little apprehension from their own outdated automatic reaction because they have felt similar energetic vibes like the ones you are currently presenting a time or two before.

It takes practice. You don’t change heavily engrained internal patterns overnight. If you are not sure of your ability to trust your intuition, the easiest way to test the waters is to simply smile. If you get a smile in response, your intuition is working just fine. Who knows, before long you may trust it enough to say hello.

In order for society to evolve past this current era of mistrust and anger, we need to change the way we interact with others. We now live in the era of energy. It’s time we re-embrace a level of awareness that babies rely on as an indicator of a safe environment from the moment they take their first breath. We are born with this ability but because of cultural conditioning, we rarely use it.

Energy – the truest gauge of a persons real intentions. Skin colour, costume, sexual orientation, even actions, can no longer be used to indicate friend or foe. Vibrational energy is a true marker. Learning to manage your personal energy fields is the greatest lesson of our time and your best way to navigate in this new normal that is our current world.






















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