The Intelligence of Water, Is This The Key To Human Evolution?

water drop photo
water drop photo
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Life is everywhere that water is. In fact, it’s the presence of water that scientist’s seek as the marker for life as they explore the universe. Water is the one thing that unites us all.

Water exists in liquid, gas and solid form. We all learned these water facts in elementary school but water is also well travelled. A water molecule can spend decades in the ocean traversing the globe before it evaporates into the atmosphere and then navigates the trade winds for a few weeks more, before it falls back to earth once again as rain.

Is Water Intelligent?

Could water have intelligence? Could it be the connection to an infinite source of knowledge? Let’s explore this thought a little further.

Why are even the simplest life forms able to function when they don’t have brains to think? What gives them the ability to have instinct? What tells a microbe to replicate? When you look at a tree, a life form more evolved than a microbe, it is the flow of water up and down it’s trunk and branches that sends the signals to begin to grow leaves in the spring and then to drop them in the autumn. Is the water communicating to the tree or is it just some biological impulse.

Studies have demonstrated water’s ability to create seemingly intelligent images when exposed to pictures, thoughts or emotions in liquid state and then frozen into a crystal state. Pioneer researcher, Dr. Masaru Emoto’s photographic work with water and emotions demonstrates how water is shaped by outside influences and emotions. One researcher, Veda Austin, has even developed a series of images she calls hydro glyphs, as a simple visual dictionary of communication with water. In one experiment, repeated over 50 times, the image of a dagger, for example, formed in the ice crystals to represent danger. How was water able to decide what image to use and then duplicate it again and again?

Images of Dr. Emoto’s water crystals after responding to different emotions being projected at it.

The Element of Water

Water is considered one of the five elements – water, earth, fire, air, and ether (spirit). It is said that water is often referred to as the philosopher’s element for it’s introspective qualities. I find it curious that philosophers engage in penetrating questions such as the origins of life and scientist are just beginning to learn about water’s profound intelligence. Are the two connected?

The spiritual element of water represents purity, wisdom and emotions. It cleanses and nourishes the body and when emotions are not blocked within our anatomy, but are free flowing, the element of water can also cleanse the soul.

There are two schools of thought pertaining to the origins of water on earth. The first being that water came from within the earth’s inner crusts and bubbled up through volcanic fissures billions of years ago, where it pooled and settled on the surface.

The second theory is that water arrived via ice asteroids and meteorites as well as ice crystals floating in space and blown into the earths atmosphere by the solar winds .

I think it may be a combination of both, but if water is proven to hold memories and innate intelligence, and there are ice crystals that may have travelled the universe before finding their way to the surface of earth, what memories and knowledge could they be holding from other solar systems?

We are Water

The human body is up to 60% water. The human heart is composed of up to 73% water which explains, if the element of water represents emotions, why we consider the heart as our emotional center, it’s more watery. If you calculate our water composition from a molecular perspective though, meaning the percent of water that makes up each individual molecule in our bodies, it is gauged that humans are actually made up of 99% water!

So here we are, divine water vessels, holding the potential for infinite galactic knowledge, stored within each of our body’s individual molecules. It’s no wonder that spiritual Guru’s say that, “all knowledge is within us” because it very well may be.

The Age of Aquarius

The earth, and all her inhabitants are just beginning a new, 2160 year astrological cycle, know as the Age of Aquarius. This new age is considered a future orientated era of higher knowledge, humanitarianism, technology and expansion. Aquarius’ element is air but it’s symbolic image is the water bearer. Could this mean that the human species will expand it’s knowledge outwards into the universe and finally begin to participate in the galactic community (air representing space) and will this relatively new study of the intelligence of water (Aquarius as the water bearer) be the key to this universal well of knowledge?

The potential is there but the verdict has yet to be rendered. What I do find fascinating is that the ancients understood the sacredness of water long ago, even the bible mentions water 722 times. Have we forgotten water’s significance to our evolution? Just look at how we currently abuse it, are we doing so at our own peril?

Water is life, it is the fluid that binds us all, that is undisputed, but perhaps we are only just now beginning to understand the aqueous depth of that truth.

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