How To Sing A New World Into Being (Even if you can’t sing in tune)

It has been my experience, as I mature into my cronehood, that there is a pattern of learning for me.

At first, when I encountered new information of a spiritual nature, there may have been a level of disbelief in me, that the material was too out there – too woowoo. This was in the beginning when it was all new, as time went on though, I learned to be open to all possibilities.

This perspective has done me well and borne out more truths than not, even some crazy stuff. I take in the knowledge on an intellectual level with an open mind, but it may only sit on the surface of my knowing like a toe dipped into infinite water. I may understand the concept, but do I really know it on a soul deep level?

It’s like the universe is offering up something that I need to know as a taste to see if it’s palatable for me to digest, like a child who is wary of a new type a food. Take a bite it says. Try it, see if you like it. There’s more if you want it.

Sometimes I don’t. My mind says, “no, that’s not to my taste.” Other times, I instantly crave more and seek it out on my own. Mostly, I need time to digest what has been given and let my mind ruminate over it for a bit. I may even forget about it until months, or even years later, the universe offers up more. That’s when I will take what I already know, add the next serving of information, and a soul deep understanding is formed.

Such is the case for the idea of singing something into being. The first time that I encountered this idea was a year ago with the author Katherine Genet’s, pagan fiction series, The Wilde Grove. Her characters were always talking about how all living things can sing life into being. I understood that while on a surface level, her characters might sing while in prayer or mediation, but on a spiritual level, there was a deeper, soul centered practice happening. I just couldn’t understand what that was.

Today the universe gave me the missing information piece. While watching a video interview with Sheila Gillette, a channeler of the spirit group known as Theo. Their explanation of soul singing, or as they called it “soul note”, put the pieces into place and I was gifted with an enhanced understanding, or as some would call it, an “aha!” moment.

Sheila Gillette, while channeling Theo, explained it this way: Each of us has a particular tone in our voice – a soul note. It is a frequency of sound that is unique to only you. It is your vibrational finger print so to speak. When you speak or sing, you vibrate out this frequency that is at your soul’s purest level and connects with the universal energy of love.

Everything vibrates. Something dense like a rock obviously vibrates at a much lower frequency that a human would but it still has it own unique vibrational signature just like anything else. Things in nature are always singing their uniqueness and collectively, it creates an energy resonance for the earth.

This concept conjures up the song in my head called, “All Gods Creatures Have a Place in the Choir” It’s a song about how all things on earth have a part to play in creating our world. Now imagine if humans added their voices to the world song, well at least more humans than the ones who are singing right now. Wouldn’t that make for a stronger collective vibration, especially if they were vibrating in their own unique soul note? The richness of a full choir is much more powerful than a single voice after all.

Let me put it another way. The earth is a living, breathing entity and like any living being, when one part is not working at it’s best and contributing to the whole, every other part suffers, and human beings are a significant part of the whole. Try tying your dominate hand behind your back for an afternoon and see how it’s loss effects how the rest of your body functions.

We are energy beings, we each radiate out our own unique signature vibration, it identifies you as you. When your energy is vibrating out high level frequencies such as love, gratitude, joy, or compassion for example, your soul note sings.

If you have ever experienced being in a room with, or being part of a group of folks all singing something positive such as hymn, or a even a simple happy tune, you probably have experience the euphoric energy that permeates through everyone in attendance, and the added bonus is this feeling stays with you long after the singing ends.

But you really don’t have to sing to contribute to a better world, all you need to do is raise your bodies vibrational output by expressing your soul’s unique note. To do that all you need to do is to act in your highest good, stay positive and vibrate out love and gratitude. Your voice will be added to the world’s song and the whole world will benefit from this gift.

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