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2017 Is The Year To Be Powerful

If I were to ever get a tattoo, which I can assure you I won’t because I hate pain, this is what it would say:



This is also my personal mantra for 2017. The words that I will chant to myself through out the year when I need to remind myself, in times of doubt, that I am more than I am at that moment.

All of us have the capacity to be powerful. We are much more than the persona we show to the world and deep in your soul, you know this to be true just as I do.

In times of loss, when you have been brought to your knees with grief, it is that soul deep virtue that heals your heart. In times of failure, when you feel you will never recover from the defeat, it is the fire in your core that flames your comeback and when you harbour a dream, it is the inner force that fuels your passion to see it through.

Your personal power is centered in the body at your solar plexus below your ribs. Also known as your third chakra.  This is your gut instinct, your self confidence, self-discipline and willpower center. It is the barometer for your ability to make balanced decisions so you can meet the challenges of your life and move forward on your path. “I just felt it in my gut that it was the right decision to make”

Being powerful does not mean being in control of others. It does not mean you are superior to anyone else or that you are, in some way above the crowd. That kind of power comes from the ego and is a misuse of the divine gift of your power to choose.

Truly being powerful means that you are clear about your personal identity and your personal beliefs and then take responsibility for how you act and what you create in life. When you have true control of yourself then you have true independence and you can’t help but be confident and self-assured. That is a very powerful way to be.

So for 2017, my intention is to become more powerful than I was in 2016. I intend to nurture this inner power and direct it towards the goals I wish to achieve in the coming year.

Why would I want to do this? Why would I want to be more powerful? I mean being part of the crowd and blending is so much easier. No sticking your neck out. No inviting criticism from the masses and no chance of failure. But to live a life where you feel alive and are actually striving to achieve your dreams, you have to stand fully in your power and take responsibility for it.

There is one more obligation you have to take on in order to truly embrace your personal power. You also have to start knowing.

In you is a library of knowledge, a warehouse of information housed in your head and heart which you have gathered over your lifetime. No two people have the exact same collection of thoughts and ideas. Your personal perspectives colour your knowledge like no one else’s. But, I’ll guess that you are like most everyone else and do not fully utilize this storage of wisdom?

When you take responsibility for your personal power with confidence, you also have to take responsibility for your personal knowledge and start knowing. No longer can you defer to others for opinions because your personal power says that you know. If you have something to say because you have had a unique experience and can offer up a different perspective then it is your responsibility to step up and start using that powerhouse of knowledge.

I am powerful


Heady words indeed. Meant to propel my personal destiny forward in 2017. How would those words effect your life in the coming year if you made them you own personal mantra?

This is not a New Year’s resolution that I want to work on and within 6 weeks abandon like most other resolutions like losing weight or working out regularly. This is a new mind set for a new year.

It is one thing to make a New Year’s resolutions and quite another to get clear on what you want to achieve in the year ahead and then make the unwavering decision to honour those promises to yourself by stepping up, declaring yourself and then fueling the momentum needed to succeed by using your own personal, soul deep power.

And it is the acknowledgement of that inner power, one that I know I possess as surely as I know I am human, that is the catalyst for this new mind set and mantra for 2017.

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