Together is Better


While having our morning coffee and watching a news story on Television about friends and family coming together to share our Canadian Thanksgiving, my husband turned to me and said, “together is better”, to which I agreed.

What my husband was implying with that statement was that when people come together with a common bond, in this case he was referring to the bond of family and friends, a strong and cohesive unit is formed that significantly supports each individual person in the group better than if they were going through life alone.

The next news story to run was about the United States government shutdown and the impasse between the Republican and Democrat parties who are definitely not together on a solution for their debt ceiling crisis, a situation that could potentially cause a very serious financial chain reaction globally.

That got me thinking about the power of a common bond.

My personal belief is that every living creature is connected to a universal source energy. You may call that source God, Allah, or The Great Spirit, the name does not matter. What matters is that how ever you perceive it, or even if you reject it, that power flows in all of us.

Imagine that we are all shining lights bulbs with an electrical cord plugged into one of many different circuit boards that reroute the energy from the master energy  source. Some circuit boards are large and represent things like culture, or a religion or a belief system. Branching off these larger boards are hubs that represent smaller groups that share variations of the larger views of life. Your light bulb is plugged into whichever board represents your outlook. Still even smaller circuit boards divide off and support individual families or tribes making sure that there is a constant flow of the right voltage required in order for those groups of light bulbs to shine brightly.

This web of energy cords and circuits connect and cross connect creating a co-dependant force. No energy hub is independent. If a cord breaks free there is always another connection routed another way, even if you refuse to use it.

The political situation in the United States re-enforces my belief that together is better. Political parties refusing to search out another route to achieve a common ground only serves to weaken a nation.

One nation indivisible, with liberty and justice for all

Taken from the American Pledge of Allegiance

The American drama is just one of millions that play out everyday around the world. I only used it as an example because it is a current event that could impact more than just Americans.

Further reflecting on this situation, I have to wonder what would happen if the opposing sides decided to push aside their differences and choose the common ground of one nation indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

Together is better. When you stand as one, everyone matters and problems get solved for the good of all.

Expanding even further, imagine what people could achieve if we, as the human collective adopted that same attitude. Could we actually evolve enough to get past cultural differences, past wrongs, century old grudges and just plain old hate to find a common ground that states, yes we are different but we are all connected by the same source energy, so on the highest level we are one, and by working together for the common collective we can achieve amazing things, because, together is better.

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Wisdom blogger who believes that the wise older woman is the most powerful brand females come in.

2 thoughts on “Together is Better

  1. so true!!
    Did you ever think of writing columns for the Naniamo newspaper?
    You sure a good enough!!

    1. Thanks for the vote of confidence! A few years back I actually did write for a local paper. I wrote a monthly column about interior design and decorating called Living by Design.

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