What is your Warning Label?

Recently on Facebook a friend posted this message:

If we were all forced to wear a warning label, what would yours say?

Everyone has at least one less than stellar personality trait. If you were really honest about it, you’d admit to more than one, but there is that one uncontrollable tendency of yours that strikes out of you like a serpent attacking it’s prey when an offending circumstance presents itself.

If I was to have a warning label, mine would be:

Caution! Opinions given without warning. Whine at your own risk.


For me it’s like an out of body experience. My rational mind can see it happening, I know that it’s better to keep my thoughts to myself yet my mouth takes control over my sense of social propriety and spews forth.

I’m a practical person, I have no patience for people who choose to wallow in self pity. Everyone has problems and challenges in their life. Everyone has periods in their life where they feel like they have been kicked to the ground a few too many times and just don’t have the strength to get up one more time.

My desire to help people fills me with compassion and I will lend a hand to support you as you struggle to rise up on your feet again, I will be your crutch. At some point though, we all need to leave that crutch at the door, stand up and get on with life.

What I have no tolerance for is people who choose to not help themselves. They thrive on negative attention and as a result will suck the life out of a room in record time if allowed. This kinds of person is a career complainer. It is never their fault, they are always the victim and will never take responsibility for their lot in life. They are energy vampires and will feed off your good will, always taking, rarely giving.

I quickly see through this kind of behaviour but as a person who wants to help others, imagesCA4SSVN7I feel compelled to call them out, to offer my opinion on the situation. No one owes you a living, there are millions of people worse off than you, put your big girl pants on and get over yourself!

Of course I could just remove myself from the offending person. I know that change must come from within so no matter how much advice, friendship, or resources I offer, unless they want to transform into a positive can do person, I am only feeding into a cycle that will suck me down a vortex of frustrating negativity.

Still, I can not help myself, I am compelled to share my no nonsense viewpoints.

At least now that I am reaching towards my crone years I can postulate my opinions with a semblance of wisdom attached to them with the hopes that they will be taken as respected advice instead of the ranting’s of a bossy woman.

Until the time arrives that I either develop diplomatic verbal skills or society bestows on me the reverence deserving of a wise women and cherishes my every edict, you have been warned.

I have strong opinions and I am not afraid to use them.

Published by Diana Frajman

Wisdom blogger who believes that the wise older woman is the most powerful brand females come in.

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