My Next Big Thing


I’m looking for my next big thing.

I feel like I am standing on the cliff of transition over looking a river of calm that is flowing towards my next adventure just out of the range of my sight. I know it’s there. I can sense it.  It’s tingling on the edge of my imagination, but I have no idea what it is.

I’m like an addict waiting for my next fix. Nothing but a new passion will suffice.

Passion is energy, feel the power from focusing on what excites you.

Oprah Winfrey

It could be a new interest or area of study, a new skill to master, a different culture to embrace, maybe even a new group to join. At this point it could be one of these or all of these, I am open to all the possibilities.

If you have read my post “No Plans , Just Life”, then you will know that I like a challenge but once mastered, I get bored and want to experience something new.

In the past, as a young wife and mother, my family was my main focus. The consideration of other people’s schedules, needs and opinions clearly affected my choice of leisure activities. I needed to fit my interests around working and caring for a growing family. This was not a sacrifice, I willingly chose having a family and I am so blessed to have had the experience.

Since turning fifty I have come to a new understanding about my life. I am no longer responsible for others, they are grown and for the most part gone and a new option has entered into my life. It is called freedom. Freedom to make choices in my life based solely on what I want. With the exception of my husband for the really big decisions, I don’t have to include anyone else when I consider the pros and cons of any decision I make. What kind of car do I want to drive, where do I want to eat, what do I want to do this weekend? Anything I want.

You would be surprised at how scary that is to me. I have been programmed for almost thirty years to consider others first. To give my self permission to go out and live for myself is a very foreign concept. I tend to draw a blank. The world is my oyster but I need some new tools to crack open the shell!

It is in the compelling quest for high adventure of victory, and in creative action, that man finds his supreme joys.

Antoine de Saint-Exupery

The one thing I have going for me is eagerness. I am hungry for adventure. I don’t want to sit on the sidelines, I want to experience life.

Now I am a cautious person by nature so I’m not talking about skydiving, or any other extreme activity. What I am talking about is immersing myself in the wonders of the world around me, travelling near and far and being curious about other people and places, trying new foods, embracing better, healthier ways of living, understanding the past and not being afraid of new technology in the future. In doing so it is my hope to gain wisdom.

Until that new passion comes along, I’ll get on with the day to day living but keep an eye open for the next big thing to cross my path.

In the meantime you can help me by sharing your latest passion. What sparks your engine and gets you revved? Has it been a life long love that has kept you interested or is it a recently new experience? Are you learning something new, stretching your mind and completely out of your comfort zone? Tell me, I’d love to hear about your excitement.

If, you are like me and in between interests, share with me what has caught your attention in the past. Maybe by sharing, a new idea thread will emerge that will draw you in a completely new direction. A little shared brainstorming never hurt.

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