You Might Be A Crone If……..


Do you suspect you may have Crone tendencies?  Are you overcome with the urge to spout sage commentary to the unsuspecting? Do you have an inner knowing? Are you connected to mother earth and her infinite wisdom?

Take the quiz to see where you are on the Crone evolution scale.

On a piece of paper, write down the corresponding letter that matches closest to the truest answer for you to each question.


1. Describe your grooming regime?

a) My skin and hair are fresh, I don’t need much other than a little bit of lip gloss.

b) I wouldn’t be caught dead leaving my house without full hair and make-up.

c) Miss Clairol is my best friend and I can name all the top industry wrinkle creams.

d) My hair and face is clean, what more do I need?

2. Your personal style would best be described as….

a) Up to the minute fashion.

b) Classic and season transcending.

c) Spandex chic

d) Basic black


3. If money was not a consideration where would you choose to live?

a) I would have a luxury condo in one of the major cities of the world.

b) I would live anywhere tropical.

c) I would live in a little cabin on a lake up in the mountains.

d) I could care less where I live as long as my family and friends are close by.

4.Which percentage breakdown best describes your work/life balance?

a) 70% work/ 30% personal time

b) 50% work/ 50% personal time

c) 30% work/ 70% personal time

d) 100% personal time

Personal Contributions

5. When you die how do you want people to remember you?

a) That I was a good, kind person.

b) That I had a wicked laugh and was always happy.

c) That I was a true friend and was always there for them.

d) That I gave freely of myself from the heart.

6. If money was not a consideration what legacy to the world would you like to leave?

a) I would like to leave a statue of myself for all to see in my town.

b)  My children are my legacy.

c) A cleaner earth would be my legacy.

d) I’m not interested in legacies, I am more interested in contributing now.


7. What is your spiritual beliefs?

a) I don’t believe in all that hooey.

b) We are all connected, and are souls are eternal.

c) There is a Heaven and Hell and if I follow the rules I will go to heaven.

d) Love and compassion are the only way.


8. How do you acquire wisdom?

a) You go to the library and get a book out about it.

b) When you learn from your experiences and mistakes, you gain wisdom.

c)  Wisdom comes with age.

c) When you reach the top of your profession, then you have wisdom.

Giving Back

9. How do you give back to your community?

a) I don’t have time to volunteer, I am too busy working.

b) I volunteer at my favourite charity regularly.

c) I am always open to offer of myself where ever I can.

d) I donate where I can.


10. How do you feel about your family?

a) Other than holidays, I don’t have contact with them.

b) My family has a strong bond and rely on each other for support.

c) I wish they would just leave me alone.

d) It is my honour to be loved by such a wonderful group.


11. How do you spend your spare time?

a) I love to get involved with groups sports and activities.

b) I don’t have time for hobbies.

c) I love to garden and create things.

d) Read, I am always seeking more knowledge and get much pleasure from others stories.

12. If money, time or health was not a consideration, what activity would you passionately pursue?

a) Travelling

b) Education

c) Volunteering on a world wide level

d) I am already pursuing my passions.


13. What surprises you?

a) Nothing surprises me anymore, I’ve seen it all.

b) Technology and science surprises me, I can’t believe what humanity has been able to invent.

c) Mother earth, nature surprises me with all it’s wonders.

d) Babies of every kind surprise me with their innocence.

14. What makes you full of joy?

a) My family and friends.

b) Winning the lottery.

c) Waking up each morning and giving thanks for another day.

d) Good news.


15. What are you hopeful for?

a) There is little hope out there. As a world we are in big trouble.

b)  I am hopeful that the next generation will do better than my generation has.

c) I am hopeful that we will one day stop fighting, start loving our planet and live in peace.

d) I am hopeful that our leaders will solve all of our problems.


1.  a) 4  b) 1  c) 2  d) 3            2.  a) 1  b) 4  c) 3  d) 2            3.  a) 1  b) 2  c) 3  d) 4

4.  a) 1  b) 2  c) 4  d) 3            5.  a) 3  b) 3  c) 4  d) 4           6.  a) 1  b) 3  c) 3  d) 4

7.  a) 1  b) 3  c) 2  d) 4             8.  a) 1  b) 4  c) 3  d) 2           9.  a) 1  b) 3  c)  4 d) 2

10.a) 2  b) 4  c) 1  d) 3             11. a) 4  b) 1  c) 4  d) 4           12. a) 3 b) 3  c) 3  d) 4

13. a) 1  b) 2  c) 4  d) 3             14. a) 4 b) 1  c) 4  d) 3           15. a) 1 b) 3  c) 4  d) 2

If you scored between 15-20

You are a Cheeky Monkey. What could have possibly drove you to do this quiz? You are an innocent, still wet behind the ears. Go out and have some fun, sow some wild oats, dance freely under the full moon, then come back in twenty years and try the quiz again. Now get!

If you scored between 21-30

You are a Crone Wanna Be. Still innocent but with some life lessons under your belt. You are probably too busy trying to create a career and or family to even consider a deeper meaning to life. You are not yet ready to snatch the pebble from the masters hand, Grasshopper. Still, there is a spark of potential in you. You have the core elements inside you to become a great Crone someday. Come back in 10 years and try the quiz again. Now get back to work.

If you scored between 31-45

You are an Apprentice Crone. All the elements are in place and the journey to becoming a full Crone has begun. You are developing empathy, intuition, wisdom, patients, and a deep knowledge of the secrets of life. You are probably becoming a master in your chosen field of study, be it skill, art or humanity. Folks are beginning to respect your gifts and seek you out for advice. Be ever vigilant, many are chosen but few take up the call. This is not a path for the ego. Continue on with your studies and share your gifts freely.

If you scored between 46-60

You are a Card Carrying Crone. I stand in awe before you. You are confident and comfortable in your skin. You know who you are, what you are capable of and don’t take any guff from us lesser beings, but you are a master, a mentor and so you show compassion for all walks of life. You are humble and reverent to the vastness of all that is. Your faith in mankind and mother earth is unwavering. As a Crone you have also earned the right to dance to your own tune and may sometimes come across as eccentric, opinionated or crotchety, but you gave up caring what others thought of you a long time ago. So like the Cheeky Monkey, dance freely under the full moon, and sow the last harvest of your wild oats because as a Crone, the most important lessons you have learned is that life is meant to be lived.


This quiz is meant for entertainment purposes only (but you knew that…didn’t you?).

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