It’s Good To Be Queen


Maybe you won’t be comfortable being called a Crone as you age. Sage has become a generic name for a wise older person but it is still not what you are going for. Elder?…. nah, and senior conjures up images of retirement complexes, early bird dinner specials and scooters. So how about choosing to be referred to as Queen.

Kathryn Harwig, in her book, “The Return to Intuition, Awakening Psychic Gifts in the Second Half of Life”  came upon the moniker of Queen during a recent group trip when the guide asked her what she preferred to be called. It was a joke but the more she though about it, the more it seemed relevant to her present life stage.

To be sovereign, is to have the right to be independent with the right to govern oneself as a country or a monarch such as a queen or king would. Aren’t we all queens and kings of our own little worlds? We self govern ourselves in our adult lives and we create our own kingdoms that we call home with our subjects being our children, and pets.

Let’s take that one step further. As we age, most people become masters in their own right at something they have excelled at during their adult life. It may be a career, an interest or hobby, or it may be as simple as mastering the ups and downs of living. Years of knowledge and skill creates wisdom and wise people command respect. Queens are masters of their realm. A queen expects and deserves respect. Others seek out her advice and counsel but she is wise enough to know that it is ultimately up to them to decide how they will use it. She knows that she is only responsible for her own sovereign domain.

The ancient Celts had a concept known as fir flathemon, best expressed when translated as “Truth of Sovereignty”. Celts who reached the level of self-knowledge and learned the wisdom past on from their ancestors such as the druids, bards, lawgivers, and diviners understood the truth of sovereignty. They understood the divine affinity of all life and of human beings connection to the earth. The fact that the ruling king was expected to marry the goddess of the land shows how important this concept was.

In knowing yourself, by that I mean understanding your internal gifts, being wise enough to place yourself along side others, not below or above, that is how to understand truth in sovereignty. We are individual souls with the ability to make choices for ourselves and to walk our own path. When we reach the stage of maturity in life where we can claim the right to be respected for our wisdom and self mastery of life, we are sovereign onto ourselves. We are queens in our own right and it’s good to be queen! You might even want to get yourself a crown.


Living to our elder years in the past was a lot rarer and those that did achieve old age were considered sources of knowledge and leadership for their community. Modern culture enjoys amazing advances in health, living standards and medicine so the vast majority of us will experience old age. Through sheer numbers we have the clout to expect to be heard in society. Today’s youth focused society has relegated the senior population of the recent past to the sidelines. No longer considered old fogeys, it’s time to step into our rightful, queenly position of authoritative knowledge that can only come from the experience of a sovereign self.

We also need to understand that with the gift of growing old comes the gifts of self mastery, intuition and wisdom and with those gifts comes responsibility. We must pass our wisdom on and mentor the generations behind us so that the circle of life re-balances from the youth based focus we have been experiencing as a society to one where all stages of life are celebrated.

So whether you choose to call yourself a crone, a sage, an elder, a senior or a queen. We should all reach to become sovereign over our own lives as we mature to the final life cycle stage and live it to the fullest.

Keep your head held high and true in order to keep your crown firmly in place where it belongs!

Published by Diana Frajman

Wisdom blogger who believes that the wise older woman is the most powerful brand females come in.

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