Out Of The Silence Comes A Roar

This weeks WordPress writing challenge is to interpret “The Sound of Silence”


Glowing yellow eyes peer out of the darkness. It is awake.

Can you feel it? The soft rhythm of it’s breath. In and out, in and out. Is that a purr?

This is not usual, it hardly ever wakes. What is it this time, what caused it to stir?

Shush! It is sitting up now, there is a shift in the energy here. Can you feel it’s agitation, what’s wrong?

You are not in the wilds, this is not the jungle. Where does this animal live? It lives inside of you and now it is awake and something is not right.

You did your best to be quite, didn’t offer your opinion, just went with the flow of things, so why has it taken notice? Sure, it bugged the hell out of you to sit in silence. You knew deep inside it was wrong, you have a brain after all. You have a right to your own opinions and thoughts. You have valid ideas, but it just seemed easier to keep quiet and not stir the pot. Not everyone can be the leader…..can they?

Quiet! It’s up and it’s starting to pace. Be still, it can sense you, it smells your fear. It senses the limits of it’s cage and it doesn’t seem to like that it is confined. Be silent and don’t move, it is panting now as it stocks from one side of it’s prison to the other.

How could you let this happen? If you had been paying attention, you would of sensed it’s unrest long before this point, maybe done something to release some of it’s tension. Maybe let it out of it’s cage for some exercise, but now it may be too late. It is wild and unpredictable, no telling what it might do. It very well may be out of your hands now. You purposely chose to ignore the wild animal that lives inside of you and now it is determined to no longer be ignored.

Did you hear that? Freeze, don’t say a word. Calm your monkey mind and listen. It’s in you, deep deep in you and it’s growing. You can hear it now, it’s like a freight train barreling down the track building up momentum.

Can you feel the incredible energy, the tension is like a piano chord ready to snap. How did you manage to get yourself in this situation? There is a wild animal inside you and you are loosing your control over it.

Get a hold of it. Quick, do something!


Hmm, well, that feels better.

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