The Crone of Lake Cowichan – The Summer Visit


“So you are sure you don’t mind me staying here for a while? It’s just that I really could use some down time, away from the hustle of cities and bosses for a while.”

Will’s pleading eyes snapped Corrie’s heart in two. “Will you never have to ask me that. You are my child no matter how old you are and I will always take you in with open arms. That is what family is all about after all.” Then his mother added, “While we’re talking about family and staying here, I asked Alexa if Layla could spend the summer here with me, and with you, now that you will be hanging out here too. I want to give my young protégé the skills to handle her newly realized gift. Besides, you and Layla could use some time together as well seeing as you have been everywhere but here lately. Will you be okay with that?”

“Of course! I’d love to be with you and Layla, I’m just not sure about you teaching my daughter all that whammy stuff. I don’t want my daughter to turn out all witchy and airy fairy. She is so young and impressionable.”

The Crone held her breath for a few seconds in order to project a calm voice, ” Will, there is absolutely nothing wrong with being a witch. I know quite a few as a matter of fact and they are amazing people, but your daughter has a gift, whether you like it or not, and she needs the skills to develop it properly so she can have confidence in herself to handle the negative and the ignorant people she will not doubt encounter through out her life. In fact she has already had to deal with kids at her school who don’t understand and have made her feel like an outcast.” She took a breath, paused and look Will straight in the eyes and said in a low, grave voice, “Is that what you want Will, for Layla to be an outcast?”

“Okay mom, I get it. Just no dancing naked around the fire during a full moon, promise me that.” Will spent is whole life around his mom and her gifts, his mom was right, Layla needed her guidance and anyway, he would be here to make sure his daughter was safe.

Corrie laughed, “Well I’ll have to cancel next Thursday night then, Layla will be so disappointed!”


Layla’s mom dropped her off that weekend. School was finally out for the summer and the relief in both of them was palpable. It had been a hard school year for the both of them. Will made himself scarce while Lexi was there by going fishing on the lake with Corrie’s neighbour using the excuse that Jack would be so disappointed if he cancelled out on him. While Alexa and Layla didn’t say anything, Corrie could tell they both were a little hurt that he wasn’t there to greet them.

“Are you sure you want Layla for the whole summer?” Lexi asked for the tenth time. “I’ll come and get her anytime you get sick of her. I’m just a phone call away”, she teased while giving her daughter a sideways hug.

Corrie teased back, ” Don’t you worry momma bear, I have so much planned for Layla and me this summer that no doubt she’ll be calling you asking to come and get her! Besides you’ll see her the August long weekend when you come up for the family campout and barbeque.”

Corrie got the puzzled look she was hoping for so she continued, “David, Liz and the boys are bringing up their RV and parking it on the front lawn for a week to hang out at the lake so you’ll be the only family member that won’t be here. I’m rectifying that right now but requesting your presence. You can have Layla’s room and we can bunk together for a few days.” Turning to her granddaughter to gain more support, “Won’t that be fun Layla?”

David James Taylor Jr. was Corrie’s oldest son. He and his wife Elizabeth had two sons, Bryce, age nine and Dillon, age seven. David had taken over the Taylor family’s successful construction company in Victoria ten years ago and was doing very well for himself. William  had taken his share of the company and sold it to his brother in order to go to university to get his engineering degree which he had parlayed into a six figure a year career in the oil industry.

Alexa was deeply touched that Corrie still included her as family even though Will and her had not been together for almost fifteen years. She really wanted to come, the Taylor’s had been a part of her life since she was a teenager. “Will Will be okay with me coming? I don’t want him to feel uncomfortable on my account.”

“Will does not have a say in who I invite, you are family and that’s that.” Corrie could see the doubt in Alexa’s face and went over to give her a reassuring hug. “He’s a big boy Lexi, he can suck it up for a couple of days.”



Will was awake the next morning before his mom and his daughter and was out on the deck drinking coffee when Corrie joined him with her own mug of steaming java.

“Layla told me last night that you invited Alexa for the August long weekend. What are you up to mom, are you sticking your nose in my business?” Will was tense, and Corrie could tell he’d been stewing about this bit of news, waiting for her to get up so he could confront her with it.

Corrie took a sip of her coffee partly to hide her grin and partly to appear casual about her answer but the glowing pink, tinged with orange aura that was flooding out from Will’s heart chakra told her everything she needed to know. Will was still in love with Lexi. “Alexa is like a daughter to me Will, I’ve have more of a relationship with her than I have with you since you’ve been travelling so much lately for your job. She is the mother of my only grand-daughter and whether you like it or not she is family and has been since she was just a girl Layla’s age. She is coming and if you are uncomfortable with that than you can stay at Jack’s place while she is here. As for sticking my nose in your business, I am hurt that you even thought that! That’s not my style and you know it.”

“Yeah, well, people change”, he barked. ” Just don’t get any ideas into your head, I don’t even know if Alexa is seeing anyone, I don’t want you putting her on the spot expecting any kind of reunion.”

The Crone saw all she needed to see, she would respect Will’s wishes and butt out, besides, once she taught her grand-daughter how to read and interpret auras she wouldn’t have to interfere . Layla would see the love between her parents and take over the matchmaking duties. Layla had had the fantasy of having her parents back together for as long as Corrie could remember. No, Corrie would not do any matchmaking but she was not above a little scheming for a good cause.


The Crone of Lake Cowichan was impressed and relieved that her grand-daughter already knew how to see other peoples auras. That was the hardest part of the lesson. All she needed to do was teach her how to interpret what she saw.

“Understand Layla that seeing another person’s aura is a sacred gift and you must always be respectful of their feelings and their right to privacy. Never offer your opinion unless asked.”

Corrie instructed her grand daughter on the different layers of a persons auras, what emotional areas the different colours represent, what to look for to determine health problems and how to strengthen a person’s energy field.

“I want you to keep a journal and list your observations on what you notice when you see other people’s auras Layla. How a person’s energy field reacts to another person’s energy field. How the colours of a person’s auras change during the interaction and then research, using this book,” Corrie handed Layla a copy of a book the Crone had wrote on reading auras, “and interpret how auras act and interact with others to gain more insight into reading energy fields.”

The seed had been planted. Layla was a smart, intuitive young lady, Corrie knew she would observe her parents together and make the connection.

The Crone of Lake Cowichan would step back now and wait to see what grew.


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