Procrastination or Doubt

In the realm of unfulfilled dreams or unrealized projects, which comes first, procrastination or doubt?

Does the act of  procrastination allow time for doubts to slip in or does doubting one selves abilities to achieve the goal or dream lead to procrastination.

Which is worse to hindering your project or dream, procrastination or doubt?



Procrastination creates regret of the loss of an opportunity. I can’t count the times I have had a great idea, procrastination took over and next thing I know someone else has jumped on the same or similar idea and run with it. At that point my great idea dies an unrealized death. It’s the old you snooze, you lose.




Doubt is a sign that you don’t trust your own ability to realize the dream. It may be you believe that you don’t have enough know how, or enough money, or the right business connections but all of those challenges can be over come. Doubt used effectively, can be a safety net to help avoid pitfalls that may lead to failure. In this case, fools rush in where angels fear to tread.

Which will never lead to achieving your goal or dream, procrastination or doubt?

Sitting on the couch procrastinating, wishing and hoping day after day will never get you anything but a sore butt!

Taking even one tiny step towards actualizing a dream will work towards relieving doubt and you also just became one step closer to your goal.





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