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One of my favourite blogs is Slade Roberson’s, Shift Your Spirits. It is a no nonsense spiritual blog. It’s by-line is “83% fewer hearts and flowers than the leading new age blather”. Slade is a straight up writer and psychic.

His most recent post entitled, 15 Ways To Stop Feeling Like A Failure, is a direct and practical list of great advice, but it is # 6 on the list that got me thinking because it is something that I am guilty of doing over and over again.

Stop waiting for an even better idea to come along — start with the one you’ve already been given.

I would say that I am a very creative person. I am constantly coming up with ideas and therein lies the problem. If I just got a really good idea every once in a while, then I wouldn’t feel the need to wait in case a better one came along. I would see the current idea for what it is, which is a really good one in and of itself and run with it.

The other part of this problem is that being so creative, I spent way too much time in my head and not nearly enough time doing. I  analyze an idea to death, planning, designing, formulating and weighing the pros and cons so when the time comes to actually manifest the idea, my mind is so content with it’s mental project that there is no longer a need to do anything more. Beside, a new idea will be coming along soon anyway and my mind eagerly awaits the divine download.

Sometimes I fear that the universe will figure out the game my mind has been playing and decree that I have wasted too many perfectly good ideas and decide to give me no more. Then what, will I have to dig deep into my memory bank and recycle some?

This is a dangerous way of thinking though because that kind of rational comes from a perception of lack. When you send those kind of thought patterns out in the universe, that’s exactly what you will get back.

A few years back while on a visit to Kelowna, a city in the interior of British Columbia, I asked a tarot card reader at the Saturday farmers market what I should do with my life next. I was in the middle of a life transition and was unsure what new path to take. She told me that it didn’t matter what I did, only that I do something. She was telling me the same thing Slade Roberson is saying. Pick an idea and do it. If the universe deemed to drop the idea in my head, then it is worthy of pursuing.

In the case of how to stop feeling like a failure as Mr. Roberson is suggesting in his blog,  keep in mind that you will fail 100% of the time if you chose to just sit and wait for that big idea to happen. Odds are you will be so pre-occupied waiting you may not notice if the big idea walked up and bit you. Instead, make that something big happen yourself. Even the most simple of ideas have merit. Remember the pet rock?

So what’s the best idea? Repeat after me, the best idea is the one I have right now. Now go do it.

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