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Let me think. No, really, let me just stop and think. Not the kind of think that gives me a chance to review a problem and solve it. Not the kind of think that allows me to make thousands of tiny day to day decisions like what should I wear today or what should we have for dinner. I want to be still with no interruptions and think deeply.

I’m not talking about meditation, that is being still and letting your higher self take over, a chance for your monkey mind to quiet so you can listen for the inner voice of wisdom. In truth, I could use some of that too.

No, what I mean is taking the time to do a little future life visualization.

When was the last time you took the time to contemplate your life? To purposely allow a measure of time for your own self, a check in to see how life is going. If life is running along with no major dramas it is easy to just go with the flow but is it still on the right track? Are you busy doing busy work, stuff that seems important, maybe even needs to get done but has nothing to do with moving you forward on your life path.

It is so easy to get side tracked. Other important projects come up. Family and friends lead us astray and of course if your job is a means of income and your passion lay outside of the working realm then you are aware how the responsibilities of 9 to 5 can mess with your personal goals.

The need to re-evaluate from time to time gives you a chance to put your own life front and center again. When you are firmly re-established back on your path then all the other things that take up your precious time are put in a new light. You may even feel the urge to say “no” to some of them.

When I get to the point were I look forward to a day off just so I can recharge my mental battery I know it is time to do some thinking.

I like to plan my life by the seasons. Summer is just over the horizon and I want to set a personal tone for the next three months of my life. Summer is usually my slacker season a chance to kick back and live easy. Projects and activities need to be light and fun.

I need to think, and when I have thought what needs to be thought and feel grounded again on my life path I can go forth and enjoy what life has to offer. I can work around my commitments with ease, confident that I have control of my life and not the other way around.

So if you see me and I am staring off into space, do me a kindness and don’t approach, just turn around and let me be with myself. I am thinking.








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