The Crone Of Lake Cowichan – The Soiree



I feel pretty, oh so pretty, tunefully ran through Corrie Taylor’s head as she surveyed herself in the full length bathroom mirror of the suite at the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver that she was booked into.

Jack Fortin, her neighbour and date for this evening knew how to impress. The Gallery suite boosted two bedrooms with king sized beds and separate bathrooms. The sitting and dining area of the main room was opulent but classically decorated in dark wood and taupe and teal upholstery settled around a gas fireplace and a view that over looked downtown Vancouver below.

Corrie was no stranger to luxury but even this was over the top to her for a one night stay. She could hear Jack rustling around on his side of the suite as she put the finishing touches on her make up. The Crone had spent most of the day in the hotel spa where she pampered herself by being waxed, buffed, polished, painted and coiffed for the evening ahead.

The party, being held in the ballroom downstairs was a corporate celebration for Jack’s law firm, Fraser and Fortin Law, which was celebrating 35 years of success as well as Jack’s oldest son Jason’s acceptance as a full partner into the firm. Jack was retired from the day to day activities of the business but still held a seat on the board.

Primping complete, Corrie gave herself one last look over, “hmmm, not bad for an old broad”, she murmured.  Feeling confident and sexy, she stepped out into the main room for the unveiling.

Jack was lounging comfortably on the sofa dressed in a tailored black tuxedo that fit his tall frame and skimmed over his slightly thickening middle. A glass of something amber on ice in his hand. He looked up as Corrie entered the room and his heart flipped over.

Before him stood a goddess dressed in a teal blue dress with layers of chiffon that floated around her shapely legs. The bodice plunged low as it crossed over and gathered at the waist and was topped with little capped sleeves that showcased her silky arms and neckline. Golden hi-lighted hair was pinned up in a loose twist with wavy tendrils cascading at the neck. Her jewelry consisted of simple diamond studs in her ears and a diamond and platinum tennis bracelet on her left wrist. Silver sling backed heels and a silver evening bag completed the vision.

Jack was enthralled, ” Corrie, you looked amazing. I’m not so sure I’ll want to share you with all my dirty old cronies tonight.”

Corrie blushed and laughed, “You clean up pretty fine yourself Mr. Fortin. I guess you will just have to fight off the competition if you want me all to your self.”

Jack gave that some serious thought for a moment and decided that that is just what he would have to do. This women standing before him was his.

“Are you ready then? Shall we head on downstairs to the soiree?”, he asked.





Corrie felt like Cinderella. The Pacific ballroom was decorated in cream and gold with several enormous chandeliers hanging from the 20 foot ceiling. Large round tables set for dinner flanked the dance floor in the center where 200 of Vancouver’s elite mingled with cocktails waiting for the feast and festivities to begin. Jack,  her prince charming gently steered her from this group to that group of associates and business partners introducing her with pride and beaming like he had won first prize and she was the trophy.

Jack leaned in and whispered into Corrie ear, “How about I get us a couple more drinks before dinner. You should be safe enough with Jason and his wife Andrea until I return then we’ll take our seats.”

She smiled up at him in agreement and turned to Andrea who was 6 months pregnant with their second child to ask her how she was feeling. Corrie could tell from Andrea’s glowing aura that it would be a boy. They were deep in conversation when a mature, painfully slim, but impeccable dressed women with blonde chin length hair and wearing a red satin sheath dress and matching bolero style jacket sidled up to the group.

“You must be Jack’s date dejour? Well I must say his taste is improving or is it that you ladies have to try harder to catch yourself a sugar daddy pension plan?”

Andrea froze and went a pasty shade of gray. Her husband turned and headed straight for Jack who was just grabbing the two cocktails off the bar and laughing at something the bartender must have said.

Corrie analyzed the scene but not missing a beat smiled sweetly and said, “And you are?”

“Oh my dear, you must be new, I’m Catherine Fraser-Fortin. I’m Jack’s ex- wife, mother to his children and his business partner in this firm. You need to know who is on the team if you are going to play in the big league sweetheart.”

The claws were definitely out. Corrie had come across women like Catherine Fraser-Fortin many times in the past. You didn’t become a success in publishing with out fending off a few bitches like her.

Jason reached his dad and pointed in the direction he just came, ” dad you’d better get over there quick. mom is working over your date and it’s not good.”

Jack looked over and felt his heart lodge in his throat. “Shit!” He dropped the drinks back on the bar and made it over to Corrie and his ex-wife in a few quick strides hell bent on averting a disaster.

Corrie eyes narrowed as she squared off with Catherine Fraser-Fortin, ” I may be the date dejour, sweetheart…… but you my dear are still yesterday’s news.”

Corrie felt Jack come up beside her, “Oh Jack, there you are. I’m sorry but I’m afraid I need to get some fresh air. There seems to be a foul stench in the air and it is turning my stomach. If you’ll excuse me.” She smiled sweetly once more, turned, and walked out the ballroom doors.

Jack turned to his ex-wife, “You bitch! What did you say to her?”

“Oh please Jack, I probably did you a favour. But I must admit, this one was of a better caliber than some of your usual choices.”

“Do you even know who she is?”

“Do I even need to care who she is? One’s the same as the next as far as I’m concerned”, she exclaimed, “Their all just after your money.”

Jack was on the verge of strangling her, “Her name is Corrie Taylor. Not only is she my neighbour and someone I care deeply for, she is also a best selling author and international expert and speaker on all things metaphysical. Her net worth is no doubt twice what mine is. Why don’t you Google her so you can find out what an ass you are.”


Justin O’Connor hated these events. He hated the smoozing, the ass kissing and the phoney bullshitting geezers that had control over his career. But it was a necessary evil. His firm, Watkins and Ramsey did a good percentage of their business with Fraser and Fortin Law.

His bosses expected his attendance and so here he was, wasting his night, when he had something more important occupying in his life right now. At least his date was gorgeous and would no doubt reward him later this evening in bed for the honour of taking her to this classy affair.

His aunt, Evelyn O’Connor had been dead over a month now and he was still no closer to finding the family heirloom spellbook.

The male witch watched with stunned eyes as a beautiful older women in a blue dress march out the ballroom doors. It couldn’t be! Well, well, well, it looks as if this night might be worthwhile after all.

Turning to his date, he offered up a mega watt smile and said, “Will you excuse me for a few minutes. There is someone I need to talk to. I’ll be right back.”

He turned and quickly followed the Crone of Lake Cowichan out the ballroom doors.

That women knows something about the missing spellbook, I can just feel it, he thought to himself, and I plan to get it out of her……. what ever it takes.

To be continued…..


Please check back for “The Soiree – Part 2”

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