Facing Your Future Self – Mercury Rx in Aquarius

My friend Rae’s posting on the Mercury Retrograde adds an even more insightful perspective to my post “A Little Wisdom Gained” It gave me an “aha” moment as I had totally forgot about it. Hope you gain some insight as well from her post.

Laurie Rae's House of Astrology

Mercury Glyph Mercury Glyph

Many of you know that the planet Mercury seemingly goes backward (or Retrograde – Rx) three times a year. Actually, none of the planets truly go backwards; it just seems like it due to how the path of the Earth on its orbit meets the path of other planets and vice versa. For example, when we are in a vehicle or bus or train – the vehicle or other object we see outside our window may be in tandem with our current motion, then slowly we begin to move forward surpassing that object, and that object seems to go backwards, when really we are the ones moving forward, faster.

In the last couple of years, the signs Mercury made his Rx path through were the water signs (emotionality, intuitive, insightful). And last year it was a combination of water/air signs. In 2015 he is wholly within an air sign…

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