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Those of you who regularly read my blog know that I firmly believe that the universe is constantly communicating to us in the form of signs and symbols. We only need to pay attention to receive the message.

For the last week or so at work I have been picking up fluffy white feathers throughout the store. Many believe that feathers found in strange places are the calling cards of angels.

Now I am a practical soul and so I can’t help but try and seek a logical answer to unusual occurrences. In the case of the feathers the explanation is simple. The door of the store is open to the warm weather. There are lots of birds that hang out in the area so it seems rational to see a feather now and then. The fact that I have been seeing them daily must be purely coincidental.

I am also a seeker of the deeper meanings to life. I have experienced too many random events not to have faith in everyday miracles, so of course the practical explanation just doesn’t do it for me. Why are feathers appearing now? The door to the store is open whenever the weather is fair, the birds are always around and there is frequently a breeze blowing so I should regularly see feathers. Shouldn’t I?

Do I believe in the theory that an angel is near and leaving me a message via the feathers? And what is the message? Well I do believe in angels and this is not the first time I have encountered an angel.

Fourteen years ago my mother had a heart attack and was sent down to the ICU at the Royal Jubilee hospital in Victoria, a city an hour and a half away. Everyday my siblings and I would make the trip and keep vigil while we waited for the outcome.

Everyday an older gentleman dressed in a t-shirts and a ball cap came into the waiting room to sit. He never said a thing and never made eye contact with any of us . After a while he would get up and leave. The fellow was so silent and stoic that my siblings and I joked that he might be the Grim Reaper waiting for our mom. What can I say, my family has been know to have a warped sense of humor.

At the end of the week the doctor told us that he would be taking our mother off the ventilator that aided her breathing. Her body would soon become reliant on it and if she was going to recover we wouldn’t want her tied to a machine. So on the morning they were to remove it we drove down not knowing what we would encounter. Would her body be able to support itself? Would we be saying good-bye?

We arrived and waited in our familiar waiting room while they removed the ventilator. I expected to see our angel of death but he never showed up. Maybe he was busy somewhere else in the hospital. Hopefully he was not in with our mom.

When we were finally allowed in to see mom we found her sitting up in her bed requesting a cup tea. She would be fine, we had no doubt.

As for the gentleman, I came to believe that he was not the angel of death but a guardian angel who only left for his next gig when he was sure he was no longer needed here.

You may say that he was just a man, probably waiting on a loved one and that is more than likely true. But having him there was somehow a comfort even if it was just to give me a diversion from the stress and fear of a critically ill loved one. And isn’t that what angels do after all, give comfort?

Everyone has spirit guides and angels who are ready and happy to come to our aid. Pay attention and they’ll give you a sign. Like constantly finding coins in odd places or hearing a song with comforting lyrics or a fluffy white feather that floats into view.

I’m not in need of any comfort or spiritual help at the moment. Life for me right now is pretty awesome so I like to think that the feathers are meant as reminder for me to keep my connection with the divine open and strong. Just a friendly token, letting me know that angels are watching.

Kinda like when the dentist office calls to remind you that your 6 month cleaning is coming up only there is no date to mark on the calendar.


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6 thoughts on “Angels Are Watching

  1. What a lovely post. I too have been receiving white feathers, and also put it down to the rationality of; feeding birds in the garden, until the other night, when I dreamt about; penguins inside a cafe – fortunately, one wasn’t acting as a barista, even so, I’ve had no contact with penguins in years, so obviously a sign from above.

      1. Diana, Thank you. I’ll have a look at the site you’ve suggested…..still no sign of the Pterodactyl yet though 😀 x

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