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As an adult, I know where I live. I know my street address, my neighborhood and I know the city I live in. These are physical markers that show my place in this world but recently a question has popped into my head; this may be my home but where do I belong?

Sometimes the doubt devils whirl into my head and the question becomes, do I really belong here? I think this happens when my inner environment becomes out of sync with my outer environment. Maybe I have experienced some personal growth and the people and the place where I live has not kept up. Maybe it’s the other way around and it is me who lags behind. Either way I find myself looking around and feeling like I don’t belong, that I sit on the fringe and I am dancing to a totally different beat than rest of the collective community.

Perhaps I am no longer plugged into the same energy outlet as the rest of my peers. Somehow I have become dis-connected or my power cord has shorted out. What ever has happened, I know that my old outlook has become outdated and no longer serves me.

For me right now the question of where I belong is not so much that it’s time for me to physically move communities but has more to do with the universe asking me to find a new way to live my life. I have out grown my old lifestyle and I need to formulate some new ways to better reflect who I am becoming. It may involve finding a new group of people to become my community or it may involve creating that new community myself and inviting others to join. I have not determined that part yet. That is part of the “where do I belong” question.

For the next 5-6 weeks the planet Venus is in retrograde. During this time many will feel the need to re-assess their belief and lifestyles. I know I am being called to do just that.

It’s more than just Venus’s retrograde for me though that is stirring up my inner self. My husband will be leaving this next weekend to work away until Christmas so my outer lifestyle is changing too. I will be living alone. For the most part I am looking forward to this solitary time. Don’t get me wrong, I love my husband and will miss him terribly but my soul feels it needs some quiet time so I can evolve .

Why do I tell you all this? Because maybe you are feeling on the fringe of what has been your comfortable community too. Sometimes we need to step back and gain another perspective to our lives. Nothing can stay the same forever. The universe is constantly conspiring in our favor. It may not seem like it in this moment but with a little distance and reflection we can see the patterns of change.

If you are feeling out of sync with everyone and everything in your life right now perhaps the universe is asking you to look within and do a little internal housecleaning. What beliefs no longer serve you? What aspects of your life have you been ignoring? How do you see your self growing and evolving as a human being?

Heed the quiet calls of your soul before the universe steps up and forces you to pay attention.

Right now I know of two ladies who are suffering from physical injuries. Both happened randomly and seriously threw a curveball into their lives and plans for the summer. If they consciously choose to relax and flow with this unexpected down time, the universe may gift them with insights that if they had continued on with their busy lives they would never have been quiet enough to hear. A blessing in disguise? I’m sure these wonderful ladies will argue that point but all experiences good or bad serve as opportunities for growth and enlightenment. It’s all in how you choose to approach it.

While I am in no way being given a rude awakening from the universe like my friends are, I am being gently pushed to evaluate where I am in this moment and the universe is gifting me with the solitude to purge what no longer serves my life and formulate a new path to a new spiritual neighborhood where I know I will belong.

I’d love to hear other’s thoughts on this. Are you feeling the need to find a new spiritual place to belong? What are you doing to manifest this change. Let’s start a conversation.

Published by Diana Frajman

Wisdom blogger who believes that the wise older woman is the most powerful brand females come in.

3 thoughts on “Where I Belong

  1. This resonates very strongly with me. I’ve been having that feeling for a while now, like I am outgrowing my skin but don’t know what animal I’m growing into. It is great to hear I’m not the only one.

    I agree about the husband too! I love mine but would be very grateful for the chance to focus on me for a few days.

    1. Thanks for your input Mary. I will confess that I am secretly excited to have the chance to see my new animal 🙂
      As for my husband going away to work, well his job is such that he calls several times a day! Still the other times I get piece. lol
      Keep in touch. I would love to hear what animal you grow into!

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