The Universe Conspired A Car

My new 2011 Ford Escape
My new 2011 Ford Escape

I knew my old beater was on it’s last breaths for a long while now. My mechanic and knight in shining armour did his best to patch it as needed but if you read my post last week you will know he un-expectantly past away so when it comes to the maintenance of my car I am now on my own. This week I put my big girl panties on and began the search for a new car.

Yesterday I experienced the most synergistic series of events that has left no doubt in my mind that the universe conspired in my favour and maybe, if you believe in angels like I do, my knight in shining armour rescued me one last time.

It all started the night before. I told my husband, who is working away for the next several months that I had narrowed the choice down to either a Volkswagen Tigaun, a Subaru Forester or a Ford Escape. I was looking for a few years old, used SUV and chose these models base on the visibility they offered. I do not care for the newer models with small windows that rely on back up cameras.

Yesterday morning, my husband was rained out from work so he took the opportunity to take his new Ford F-150 truck in for a warranty oil change. While he was there he checked out the Ford Escape and liked it. So he phoned me and together we decided that a 2012 model would suit us and I made a list of the options I wanted.

I went on line and found one at our local Ford dealer, it had too many kilometers (112000) on it but I decided to go test drive it anyway and if I liked the Escape I would get the dealership looking for a similar one with less miles. Before I shut down my computer, I got a Skype call from a lady I had scheduled to talk with the next day. Perhaps she got her times mixed up but I never said anything and decided I could spare the time so we had our call. It put me back an hour but there was still plenty of time afterwards to head in to town.

I arrived at the dealership and found the Ford Escape as a salesman approached me. I told him that I was interested in this model and wanted to take it for a test drive but I didn’t want to purchase this one do to the high mileage.

“What options are you looking for?” he asked. I had forgotten my list, dammit. “Well’, he said, “Do you want a V-6, all wheel drive, low mileage, a four door?” He listed off a bunch more options.


“Come with me I want to show you this one that just came in as a trade 15 minutes ago.”

I followed him over to a 2011 Ford Escape with everything I wanted in pristine condition with only 15000 kilometers on it! “Next you’re going to tell me this car was owned by a little old lady that only drove it church on Sundays” I joked.

“Well maybe not church, but yes that’s pretty much it. She bought it new from us and just traded it in for a new 2016 model. If this is what you are looking for, I’m telling you right now that this car will not be here tomorrow”

DSC01045 (2)

“Let’s go for a drive then” I said and we hopped in.

I knew within a few kilometers that it was my new car. It hadn’t even been price yet and it still needed to be detailed and inspected. Within an hour I had bought it and was driving out of the dealership to take my old car home to clean it out for trade in.

Had my friend not Skyped me I would have been too early on the car lot to see this car and would have left and never known about this great deal. The salesman told me he already had someone coming in a 3pm to see it.

You have to understand that I had been thinking about buying another car for several years now. My knight in shining armour mechanic told me to get rid of my old steed long ago but I was reluctant to go into debt again so I thought I would drive my old car until it died. It owed me nothing.

The events of the day synergised perfectly. From my husband’s input to my friend’s Skype call delaying me and allowing me to come on the car lot at exactly the right time. There was no angst in making the decision to buy the car and the process went seamlessly.

Everyone has, at one time or other, had an event similar to this. Being at the right place at the right time to take advantage of an opportunity for something you desire. Is it the power of intention at work? Divine guidance? I prefer to believe that my knight in shining armour helped me out and made sure I was safely on the road again with the best deal out there for a new, well new to me, SUV.

That is exactly what he would have done had he been here on earth, so being the amazing friend that he was, I have no doubt he did his best to get the universe to conspire in my favour one last time.

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  1. Great piece Diana. Was it me who Skyped a day early?/ (Don’t think so??)

    Our Internet is down here, most bizarre, FB and email work but not other online sites – a major server failure apparently. Luckily it has happened on a day when we were planning some time off and an outing anyway, so off to enjoy the sunshine – expecting it to be all fixed when we return.




  2. Nice car , Diana mike would have been very happy for you, Im sure he’s smiling right now. Come and take me for a ride sometime . Good choice.

  3. What a beautiful bookend to your post about losing your friend! I have no doubt either that this was his way of taking care of you again, like he did when he was here. Enjoy your new ride!

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