Doing The Minimum In Life? Don’t Cross That Line



January is a long dark month. It makes me want to do nothing but the minimum that life requires of me and I tend to enter into a state of quasi hibernation. It is the natural cycle of nature and I am wise to embrace this annual slumber. It’s good for the soul. But only doing the minimum in life is not always the sensible course of action to take.

So Consider this.

We all have our minimums, that line in the proverbial sand that we choose to not cross in life. Anything past that line is not considered acceptable. You  might say,  I won’t work for less than $20.00 per hour or, I refuse to go up another dress size or hopefully,  I am not going to allow people to treat me poorly. These are all mental marks of principles that characterize who we are. But what happens when we hang out near these honor lines for too long?

Have you ever been in a situation in life that spiralled down to the point where you woke up one day and said to yourself, “How the hell did I get here?”

Maybe a relationship was going south but you stayed in it until you were so beaten down emotionally that you were left with zero personal self worth. Maybe you lost your job and while waiting for that perfect new one to come along, you ran out of unemployment insurance and needed to ask for social assistance. Or maybe you became cavalier with you weight management to the point where you became more afraid to get on a scale then to go and buy a larger sized pair of pants. Would it be correct to say that you crossed over to the wrong side of your personal honor line?

That’s what happens when you hang out too close for too long to your personal principle minimums.

When we are only doing the minimum required in our lives we are actually living in our lowest vibration. Our life is essentially on auto pilot. We have given up control of the steering wheel and are no longer flying our own plane and, we are no longer in control of our life’s flight plan.

Here’s another thing that happens when we only do the minimum in life and hang out on our honor lines. Before long our minimums become our maximums. We become comfortable living at this level until our vibrational energy lowers itself to the point that we have to actually work to maintain even that minimal level.

But that’s not the worst part. If we are use to only doing the minimum that life requires of us and now we are having to strive to maintain even that, it follows that we will draw a new line in our proverbial sand at an even lower minimum to compensate. Thus the downward spiral begins and that’s how you wake up one day broke or broken down or out of control.

Of course there are lots of excuses why you got there. Shit happens in life. No one expects to have accidents. No one expects health problems and we certainly do not have control of decisions made by others that effect our lives. But we always, I will repeat, always, have control of our own decisions and attitudes. When we choose positive ones that move us forward in life again, we take a step away from that minimum line towards our maximum potential.

“It’s not that easy.” you say, and that would be correct. Especially if you are looking at this from a minimum energy perspective. So take baby steps. Take a millimetre slide of your big toe if that’s all the energy you have, but move it forward.  Then, take another. But for heaven sake, step away from that line.

So when the wind is howling and the snow is piling up, or the gray endless rain is pounding at your window, like it is where I live, and you feel the need to hunker down once more  into the slumber of winter, remember to keep the fires of your passions burning and avoid staying in this minimum state for long. Use natures dark time to rest and dream big dreams so you will be re-charged and ready to burst forth into action once the warmth of the sun returns to charge you back up to your maximum.



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2 thoughts on “Doing The Minimum In Life? Don’t Cross That Line

  1. I love this! Winter can be such a long season, especially when you have weeks on end that are bitterly cold. We’ve been in this intense cold spell here in MN where the skin can get frostbite in under 10 minutes. Needless to say, it’s even too cold for the pups to take a walk. This year I planned many indoor projects to keep my family and me busy during our long winter. As of today, we are almost done finishing our basement – YAY! And, I have signs planned for painting next as my kids want to sell our vegetables this coming summer. These projects have kept us on our toes, and sometimes even longing for a down-day or two. Great post!

    1. Here on Vancouver Island, we have had one wind and torrential rain storm after another. Although it is mild. Ranging between 45 and 50 degrees F. But is the grey that gets you and that is what makes you want to hibernate.
      Yesterday, we had the gift of a sunny day. It is amazing how people’s attitudes are cheery and bright on days like that. A little sun and the hopefulness comes out. 🙂

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