Resistance Is Futile



Human beings are stubborn creatures. We have a habit of not knowing when to quit. Sometimes this is very good and amazing things come out of our perseverance and sometimes our determination actually hinders our progress.

Who hasn’t stayed in a relationship too long or toiled for years in a career that sucked dry all your passion for life or even suffered with a chronic health issue because the thought of going through the treatment to repair or heal the problem seemed daunting. Our rigid perception of the situation keeps us in a tight cycle of unhappiness and stress.

Sometimes what seems like a tough situation is really a blessing that only when you can look at it in hindsight can you see the truth of the matter.

What if there was a much bigger power working in your life creating this dis-harmony. What if the strife that is occurring in your life is meant to act as a catalyst to get you moving in another direction. What if all you need to do is go with the flow and let it happen.

Anyone who has read my blog for any length of time knows that I am a big believer in the truth that the universe (God, spirit) is always offering up guidance to us in the form of signs, symbols and omens. We need only to have an open mind and the eyes to see.

The universe starts out gently at first with little niggles, coincidences or maybe serendipitous events. If we are aware and open to change we quickly understand the messages for what they are and alter our course in life accordingly. Life goes on tranquilly and we are happy. For the most part we aren’t even aware that the universe is guiding us but the wise person gives blessing for their good fortune none the less. That is just good karma.

Sometimes we send out subconscious messages to the universe that we are really unhappy and it is time for a new path. Maybe we haven’t even voiced this to our conscious self yet but the universe has already started to help us with gentle hints. As our unhappiness progresses so does the messages and the universe keeps upping the ante until we are smacked up the side of our head with a situation that forces us to make a move.

Perhaps it is a job loss or your partner decides to leave you or your health issue becomes so severe that medical intervention is a must for survival. If we are not prepared or we chose to have blinders on to the issue we may find our lives in dire straits. No longer can we choose our own course but instead it gets chosen for us.

At this point there is no point fighting, resistance is futile, it will only make the situation worse than it is. Still, the really obstinate souls don’t get this and so the situation will continue to spiral down until they hit rock bottom. Remember, the universe is only answering your call for help. Is it it’s fault you are not listening?

But when you do finally get it, that “aha” moment, and you realize that the situation you are in is really an answer to your call for help and an opportunity for change, then things will change for the better.

The key though is to be open to it and not fight it. Our stubborn natures force us into rigid outlooks. I have to earn “X” amount of money or I won’t be happy. I have to be in a relationship to be fulfilled. I have to drink alcohol or do drugs or eat unhealthy foods to cope with life. We either can’t or won’t see an alternate and better choice yet our soul cries out to the heavens for help.

I’ll bet you know someone who isn’t afraid of change. Who has tried many things and always comes up successful and even if they don’t succeed they have little problem bouncing back to try something else. What is the secret to their charmed life? They don’t fight it. They are open to what life is offering them but most of all they see the signs the universe is offering early on and alter their path accordingly.

As for those folks whose rigid perceptions have hindered their progress on the path of life, stop fighting it. What held true yesterday no longer serves you today. Have a little faith, be open to new opportunities and most of all, be willing to change. I guarantee you when you look back you will wonder why you fought it.



Friends don’t let friends resist the messages from the universe alone. Please share this post and help a friend. 







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