Are You A Damsel In Distress Or A Warrior Queen?


The damsel in distress:

  • Would wait in her ivory tower for her prince to come and rescue her.
  • Let him make all the plans for the escape.
  • Gives all her power away by demurring quietly in the corner while the prince does all the hard work rescuing her.
  • Let’s him conquer her fears by slaying the dragon.
  • Then when she is free of the tower, she let’s him take her away to his castle so she can live her life as he wants it to be.

The Warrior Queen:

  • Would never have been locked in the tower in the first place.
  • She would have slayed that dragon for herself.
  • Then when she was done with that, she would have taken great pride in sharping her sword again so it was ready for the next battle.
  • A Warrior Queen would never cower in the corner, she’d be too busy planning her next adventure to let fear get in the way.
  • And when the battles are finished, she would head back to her own castle which is decorated just how she likes it where she would put her feet up content in a job well done.

Which one are you?

Yeah, we all want to be the Warrior Queen. She is fierce. She knows what she wants and doesn’t take crap from anyone, not even a dragon.

I’ll bet you have that same fierce spark inside you just waiting to flare to life. I’ll bet somewhere in your arsenal of personal weapons there is your version of a warrior’s sword ready to be taken up; to be sharpened and oiled and practised with. I’ll even bet that you have a list of adventures, maybe even sacred quests, patiently waiting in your heart of hearts.

Deep inside you have the will, you have the tools, you have a spark.

Now ask yourself again. Which one are you, the damsel in distress or the Warrior Queen?

Published by Diana Frajman

Wisdom blogger who believes that the wise older woman is the most powerful brand females come in.

4 thoughts on “Are You A Damsel In Distress Or A Warrior Queen?

  1. What a lot Hollywood has to answer for! It’s all just fantasy manipulation. 40 years ago men were told to be the knight in shining armour rescuing their damsel in distress. He’s not allowed to be vulnerable. He has to be confident and in control. It’s shallow and empty for him and his damsel. Now it’s flipped. The warrior queen who doesn’t need a man. Both are BS. A King is confident and in control only when his Queen has his back and is his confidant and trusted advisor. When they support each other they are both happy and they make a formidable team. That’s the message that should be sent.

    1. In a balanced world I would agree with your perspective. Alas, with woman’s right all around the world being eroded, I fear that utopian world is far off.
      What this post was actually suggesting is for women to take control of their personal destiny. To take responsibility for their fears so that they can slay their own dragons.
      The thing is, until women of the world can stand in authenticity as a equal partner to man, there can be no true partnership.
      Thank you for taking the time to comment, your thoughts matter to me. We are all feeling somewhat helpless these days and yes, absolutely, it’s time we come together as two parts of a whole and stand as one species living on one world.

      Blessings to you,
      Diana Frajman- Modern Crone

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