How I Got My Spiritual Groove Back



“Your guides are there, they just won’t let me through the door.” That’s what the psychic told me last month during a reading. The same as two other psychic have said over the years.  Hmmmm, what could they be protecting?

But it wasn’t just them. Recently I too felt a disconnect from my spirit guides. Try as I might, I could not access them.

Now before I go any farther, let me say that we all have spirit guides. Angels, ascended masters, and other spirits who are always there supporting us as we have this human experience. It’s your spiritual posse and they have your back. So even though I could not access them, I knew they were there protecting me.

I decided that I needed to find out why I was blocked from them. Was there some trauma in my past, trapped in my subconscious that was hindering me? Had something happened recently that effected me deeply and I wasn’t consciously aware of it? My curious mind needed to know so I got online and searched for a local hypnotherapist to find out the answer.

That’s where Nathalie Ristord comes in.

She is a Certified Therapeutic Hypnotist who helps folks through hypnosis to overcome all sorts of issue ranging from anxiety, weight loss, smoking cessation, and even past life regression. Through email she quickly connected to me and got to the crux of what I needed. So I set up a in person appointment, although she does offer Skype sessions, and went to see her.

Because I am used to meditating and reaching a trance like state we quickly got going. If you are new to hypnosis know that it is not a scary experience. You are fully conscious and able to talk. Even if you bring up a really bad memory your mind has a way of protecting you so instead of re-living the event, painful emotions and all, you become more of a neutral  observer to the memory. A good hypnotist can help you through any issue so you are able to deal with it thoroughly and move forward.

For me, there was nothing as dramatic as hidden trauma or a past life that ended horrifically. I did not find out that I was once a amazon queen or a jilted lover or a great warrior killed in battle in a past life. Who knows, I may have been one or all of those at some point in history but I didn’t need to go that far back. The blockage was current. What I needed to do was take back the power that my spirit guides were safely guarding for me.

Why I lost or blocked it didn’t seem to come up and didn’t seem to matter. What happened for me in my minds eyes was after travelling through a swirling vortex I arrived into what appeared to be an outer space coloured in a angry red and black. Nathalie worked me through until a bright yellow/white sky overtook the red/black space.

I guess that was clearing out my block because once that happened a spirit came forward and offered me a glowing golden scroll that once I touched, absorbed into my being filling me with the same glowing golden light. My spirit power was back deep inside me where it belonged.

Natalie said that after I got my power back I glowed and that she felt my aura swell out around me. I felt it too. Afterwards I told her my hands felt like they had thick buzzing gloves on. She said it was because they were charged with energy.

Whether you find this account fantastical or you except my experience at face value does not matter to me.  Everyone walks their own path. I choose to share because I believe if my experience resonates with you then perhaps you were lead to this information for a reason. That is how the universe works. I am just offering a sign post for any soul who is ready to see it and that may be you.

Hypnosis is just one of many modalities available to explore your inner self. It is quick and safe. Sometimes several visits are required to work through an issue but if you are open to it’s results, you can see real lasting effects in your life.

For me, I may never know why I was blocked. All I know is I got my spiritual groove back and I feel lighter, calmer and re-connected to the part of me that gives me my mojo. I knew this was important for me to do before I ventured further down my life path. The psychic who read for me last month was the sign post that I needed and was ready to see. I just used my curiosity to guide me from there to where I needed to go which was to Nathalie Ristord the hypnotist.

Note: Nathalie Ristord is a beautiful soul, full of compassion and acceptance. I’d like to thank her for her knowledge and skill in helping me regain my spiritual connection.


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4 thoughts on “How I Got My Spiritual Groove Back

  1. Welcome back Diana – in the spiritual sense! I totally get it. So wonderful you found someone to help you through that. Blessings, Laurie Rae

  2. I also see Nathalie, she is great. May I ask what physic you went to. I would love to connect with one. Thank you for sharing your story.

    1. Hi Theresa, Thanks for commenting. Yes Is a wonderful soul. Of the three Psychic’s I have seen over the years. One is retired and the other two I access online. One is Slade Roberson and is a really great fellow and the other I would need ask first if it’s okay to pass his name on to you. If you are looking for someone local I would recommend Leoralea Aquino she is a wonderful soul as well. Hope that helps.

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