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I know a man, we’ll call him “Joe”, who had a very hard time letting go of things. I wouldn’t call him a hoarder but I will say that he holds on to stuff that he no longer uses because, in his mind he paid good money for them and they could still be useful at some point in time.

Oh he is generous enough with his stuff, freely offering to lend items to others who could use them but what he doesn’t realise is that he has way too much attachment with these things to the point that he puts so many conditions on the lending of his belongings that folks will invariably just say, “no thanks.” So Joe sits with his things all around him, no longer using them and with no one to share and enjoy them with.

I know a woman, we’ll call her “Jill”, who is very creative and has some amazingly original ideas but she keeps them to herself afraid that if she shared them, others would steal her great ideas. She doesn’t believe that her creativity is limitless and that she has more, maybe even greater ideas waiting to download into her head. So instead she holds on tightly to her current ideas, deep inside herself where they will never be created into being.

But the universe needs ideas to be manifested, that is how it expands, so it searches out for another person who can make it happen. Soon Jill will come across the idea created by someone else. The idea was shared whether she offered it up or not and Jill, feeling she has lost her only opportunity, closes off the flow of her imagination in despair.

I know a woman, we’ll call her “Jen”, who can’t find a mate. She longs for someone to love and share her life with. What she doesn’t realise is that she is so afraid to have her heart broken that she has created a fortress around herself with impossible expectations of how her perfect mate should be. Potential suitors are unable to penetrate it’s walls because Jen has set up such a rigid list of requirements in the hopes that only Mr. Perfect will be able to scale the walls and truly love her. Instead, Jen sits on the edge of happiness, lonely, watching her friends find partners and enjoy having someone to love.

What do these three stories have in common? What factor is missing from the equation? An understanding of the Law of Abundance.

What Is The Law Of Abundance?

The Law of Abundance is an abiding principle within universal laws. It is the simple fact that there is an unlimited Source of everything we need or could ever want. This great abundance is already ours, infinitely available to all of us all the time.

Joe, Jill and Jen are clogging up their lives with an abundance of stuff, fear and unhappiness.

Joe’s attachment to his old stuff is blocking him from what is really important in life; friendship, new experiences, and newer stuff better suited to his lifestyle right now. The more he focuses his energy on the things he already has, even going as far as putting unrealistic expectations on those he wants to share it with, the less energy he has to allow other abundances in his life.

Jill’s fear that her creative ideas are limited means she is blocking the universe from downloading even more creative ideas. This is a common problem with inventive minds like Jill’s, the fear of being a one trick pony, of only ever having one good idea. Yet if she learns to allow her mind to be open to new possibilities she will learn that creativity feeds off of creativity. The more she shares, the more she has to share and the more others will share with her.

Jen is so afraid of having her heart broken she is not allowing anyone to even try to love her. If she was open to allowing someone to come into her life, she may just find that the universe has someone in mind for her who is more perfect than even her rigid expectations.

What will be said about Joe, Jill and Jen at the end of their lives?

Will they talk fondly about all of Joe’s possessions? About how he never got rid of his old stuff and coveted it more than he cared for the people around him. I doubt it.

Will they say about Jill, “She was so talented, so innovative.” Or will they say, “What a shame. She had so much potential if only she tried.”

And Jen? Will they say she died peacefully surrounded with the love of her husband and family or will instead the papers report about the recluse that was found dead, alone in her apartment by the building manager when he came to collect the rent.

Because, you see, that’s the ironic thing about the law of abundance. It is a neutral truth. It does not distinguish between possessions and relationships, love or loneliness, creativity or despair. Its task is to aid in the expansion of the universe by creating even more of the energy that is being manifested.

So consider the abundance factor the next time that you have a negative thought, or you are limiting your self beliefs or you are afraid to let go of your possessions. Is this the energy you want to see more of?


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  1. Diana, so so true. I used to be “Jill” holding on to my creative ideas for fear that someone will steal them. What I didn’t realize then is exactly what you’re saying,the more you give out the more you’ll receive. Great post, really enjoyed this. Thank you.

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