I recently learned a new word. It does not exist in the dictionary, I checked, but it is a perfect word to understand the hidden creative powers of the universe.

Imagic = imagine + magic

First, lets start with the word imagine.


to think of or create (something that is not real) in your mind.


When we use our imagination, we let thoughts form in our minds that were not there before. We create something that has never been thought of before. We think new ideas and as a result, our perspective of the world changes.

Now the word magic.


The power of apparently influencing events by using mysterious or supernatural forces.

The mysterious quality of enchantment. Wonderful, exciting.


Yes of course there are other definitions for the word magic but for the propose of this post we will use this one.

When we encounter magic in our lives we witness something outside of our known experiences. “That’s amazing! How can this be?” we might say. Yet to someone else, someone who used their imagination and created the magic, it is only the manifestation of their ability to create wonderment in their mind.

These two words are so closely associated. Notice that the word magic is mostly represented in the word imagine. There can be no magic without the use of the imagination and in turn magic needs the energy of the imagination to come to life.

To me, the definition of imagic is when you imagine in your mind something wonderful and then allow the energy of that imagination to flow as you create something real. It could be a product, piece of art, a song, story, or any other completed creative project. But because you let the energy of your imagination flow, the end result turns out even greater than even you had imagined. That is where the magic comes in and that is imagic.

There can’t help but be an element of magic when you put your faith in the process and let go of the outcome.

It’s like planting a garden. You dig the soil, plant the seeds in a pleasing pattern as per your imagination but once your part is done, you have to release the outcome to nature with faith that she will offer up her best display. The surprise and delight of the mature garden is always better than what one can expect. Nature holds in her the most basic and the most astonishing brand of magic after all.

So consider how imagic can and does work in your own life. How, by using your imagination and partnering with the universal magic that weaves through out our lives, we can create outcomes more wondrous than by just imagining all by yourself.

Imagine + release + faith in the outcome = a magical partnership with the universal creative collective.

Some might call it divine guidance. Others may say that they were in the presence of a muse. Still others may consider the magical quality of their creativity as a gift from God.

I would agree with then all but also add, that when we freely offer up our own creative greatness and then allow it to collaborate with the magic of the universal creative collective, (the combined creative energetic flow of all that came before us and all to come after us) we tap into a far greater level of creativity that our personal imagination could never achieve alone. That’s tapping into imagic and that is where we can achieve our greatest offerings – and that is magical indeed.

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What imagic have you and the universe created recently? Share your thoughts and help continue the conversation.















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  1. Yes, yes and yes. “when we freely offer up our own creative greatness with the magic of the universal creative collective” something magical and unexplainable happens. Beautiful.

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