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In my circle of friends and family, in the last 12months, there has been a baby boom of sorts with 7 children having been born. That in itself is amazing but what I thought was even more curious was that of those 7 babies, 6 were girls.

That got me thinking.

Is this just an anomaly, a random throw of the chromosome dice or was this a small sampling of a bigger trend beginning to happen?

If you subscribe to the theory that we have entered into a new era, think “this is the dawning of the age of Aquarius” where we are moving from an ego centered culture to a more balanced soul centered culture then you may get what I am rambling about.

Perhaps more females are being born because humanity needs a blast of feminine energy in order to force the pendulum away from a male based energy  back towards a more balanced center.

Of course this is just musing on my part. There is no science backing up my observations but think for a minute about what has gone on in the world only just recently, does it feel like humanity is spinning out of control? If you can rise above the violence, greed, and permissive attitudes infecting the world right now you may see this current upheaval as the actions of an old era desperately trying to hold on to c0ntrol.

This is the old ego centered philosophy, “What’s in it for me”, “us against them”, “there can be only one winner” attitude which is the warrior, titan or ruler point of view and as a rule this is a masculine type of energy. So in order for humanity to create a more soul based cultural outlook in which we are a more inclusive society that respects all people and differences, maybe there needs to be an influx of feminine energy which is considered more loving and nurturing for a generation or so until we can find a new balance.

I think about countries where females are not treated with respect. Especially those countries that consider woman as property and keep them uneducated and suppressed. Could you imagine how amazing those cultures could be if they respected and encourage the female populations of their countries. When you keep half of your population subjugated, it is no wonder that most of these types of cultures struggle with poverty and poor economies. They’re human potential is operating at half capacity.

Whether there is really a female baby boom world wide or just a curious quirk within my circle of awareness consider one more thing. All these children being born now, whether female or male, are being born in a new age. While opinions differ on the exact date, the last agreed upon date that the age of Aquarius became into full affect was Dec.21/2012.

These children will grow up with a very different type of universal energy with hopefully less turbulent world events than the previous age of Pisces created. With hope, this new generation can bring about wondrous changes in the world and in my opinion, a little extra female nurturing energy would be a welcome change.


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