Divine Intervention

 Looking out the door from the little vintage shop where I work.


Friday was a rare snowy day here on Vancouver Island. I anticipated a quite day at the little vintage shop where I work downtown, so I was delighted when a lovely lady walked into the shop about an hour after I opened.

She was dressed in a 1960’s vintage, pea green, knee length, tweed winter coat with leather boots and gloves. She was styling and obviously not local.

A local would of been wearing a water proof, probably Gortex, hooded anorak style coat and rubber boots with heavy socks added for the cold and probably no more than those magic stretchy gloves on their hands that you can buy at Walmart for 99 cents. As a rule we west coaster’s avoid winter wear.

Here name was Anne and she was from Montreal. They do winter in Quebec – lots of snow and cold. She was in Nanaimo on business and added an extra day onto her trip to enjoy the city.

She told me that she was loving it here and was entertaining the possibility of moving to the island. It was when she confided that while she was here, she had found out that she would be out of a job by Christmas, that the cheeky side of me came out and I replied, “Could it be that Divine intervention has guided you here?”

We all have experienced it. Some might chalk it up to coincidence or synchronicity. Some might say it is fate or random luck but at some point in your life, a series of events will happen that leaves you, in a very short span of time, in a totally different situation or even location than you could never have imagined yourself to be.

I call it Divine intervention and it has played a major part in my life from meeting my husband and purchasing our home to most recently, buying a car. The Universe Conspired A Car

I welcome this guiding hand into my life and from experience, acknowledge when it is happening and for the most part delight in the process. The key to Divine intervention is to allow it to happen. When you are in the midst of something seemingly magical happening, take your hands off the controls and just go with the flow.

There are times when the events surrounding Divine intervention may seem tragic or even devastating. It may start with a sudden loss, a crisis or a series of unlucky events. “How can this be Divine?” you might argue and this is where a little faith is needed. When you are in the middle of turmoil it is hard to see the bigger picture. But in that be sure, there is a reason, there is a bigger picture.

For the most part, Divine intervention is a mystical helping hand. A nudge from a benevolent force directing you to a new path. You will know it by the ease and usually brisk pace the random pieces that make up the experience, fall into place.

Perhaps this lady from Montreal does decide to move to Nanaimo. If in fact Divine intervention is playing a roll in this, she will no doubt find a perfect place here to live quickly, and all the monumental logistics of re-locating cross country will happen with ease.

Maybe she finds a mover who has a half empty load to haul and offers a discount rate for the leftover space. Maybe she secures a job on the island before she even thinks to look for one. Or maybe, because she told me she had no ties in Montreal holding her there, she is meant to move to Vancouver Island where her true love (as yet unknown to her) is waiting.

That is the adventure and magic one can experience when Divine intervention plays a role in your life. All this lady from Montreal needs to do is have faith and allow it to happen.

As Anne was leaving my store, I could feel the excited energy flowing from her. Perhaps I was meant to play a part in all this and be a messenger of sorts. She was giddy and glowing as she walked out the door and I know, with out a doubt, she was allowing herself to be open to the possibilities that this trip was meant for bigger purposes than just business.

But being a playful messenger, I had to sent one last parting shot at her in the hopes of creating a energy anchor with her and the city I love so much, “Well, now that we have met, make sure you come in to visit this spring when you get settled in after the move.”

She just laughed and waved, then left the store.























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7 thoughts on “Divine Intervention

  1. Exactly Diana! We never know the ‘why’ of it until we are in the middle of i, or near the end, that, in turn, always turns into yet another beginning! Blessings and Hugs dear friend! xoxo

  2. I love it when I can see that I had allowed divine intervention to just move me and that I followed without resistance. It’s mostly after a series of events that I can see the flow, and realize how easy everything just fell into place. Thanks Diana

    1. It definitely is a trick to see it as divine intervention when it is happening. Mostly it is when something happens that just seems almost to good to be true but you truly want the outcome like when I bought a car last year that I can see it for what it is and take the leap. It is much harder when you don’t understand what the universe has in mind. Thank as always for your support and thoughtful comments. They are always appreciated.

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