Good Intentions

So you have something that you’d really like to do. You’ve been meaning to get around to it, someday….maybe.

The idea swims circles in your head like a goldfish in a little round bowl, never going anywhere, stopping now and then to peer out of it’s confined space, hoping….waiting.

The life of a good intention that has yet to be realized. And it never will, unless it is joined in that little bowl with it’s partners, focus and action.

A good intention is a could of, should of or would of, until focused on with laser precision and then fueled with the passion of action. Read Should, Could And Would; Three Words That May Be Sabotaging Your Dreams to find out more about that.

Why laser focus? Because humans can not successfully focus on more than one thing at a time, but we love to try. Multi task, the efficient experts will tell you and get more done. Unfortunately, most folks have the attention span of that lonely goldfish in the bowl.

To truly launch an intention (call it a goal, project or dream) you need to shine a spotlight of mind power on it in order to illuminate a clear purpose and plan.

But good intentions, even if the plan is clear and the purpose is just, still needs action to catapult it out of your mind and into reality.

Next week, at the new moon (April 16), is a perfect time to set a new intention and then launch it out into the world with focused action and maybe a dash of passion. New moons are the beginning of the monthly lunar cycle and with spring, the rebirth of a new growing season starting to ramp up, the energy couldn’t be more perfect to see a dream come true.

So let that little gold fish out of it’s bowl in your mind and nurture it with some good intention. Who knows, that little fish may, one day, grow into a whale of a dream.




















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2 thoughts on “Good Intentions

  1. We must be on the same wave light or something, many times you write about the very thing i’m thinking about. Staying focused is the only way to get anything accomplished for me.
    looking forward to reading about the progress of your plan,

    1. Thank you as always Masha. ❤ I am getting excited to launch the 3×3 project on Monday but a little scared as well as I have no idea what the outcome will be. But that’s all part and parcel of the adventure! 😳

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