I’ve Got A Crone Crush!

I've Got A Crone Crush


I’ve got a Crone crush! I’ve had it for years for this special female. I stand in awe of her.

She is amazing. No one can even come close to her beauty, her power, her grace.

She is such a colourful character, her style changes with the seasons. She will adorn herself in pastels and ruffles and flit as lightheartedly as an early spring day and then, before you know it, she is clothed in the vibrant colour saturations of summer heat. When the weather turns crisp, my amore cozies up to the warm hues of autumn.

But my crush is by no means perfect. She can be such a contradiction. Her disposition may be warm and breezy for long stretches of time and then, with out notice, she’ll turn her emotional wrath on you with a vicious tempest of fury.

Have you guessed yet who my crush is? Why, Mother Nature of course. The original triple Goddess.

The innocent maiden of spring, who frolics in the lush greens of new growth, fresh with possibilities, clean, pure and alive with the passion of youth.

Then in summer, our lady of nature becomes the mother Goddess, the nurturer. She rears her young, freely giving of her bounty, which she grows in the warmth of the seasonal sun. Watching lovingly as her children explore and play in her vast, earthly playground.

As the autumnal equinox arrives, Mother Nature becomes the crone Goddess. She offers us her timeless knowledge and wisdoms, urging us to make haste and prepare. Offering the last of her bounty, while summoning up one last burst of energy in the blazing colours of fall before she withers away.

“Ah”, you say, “but we have 4 seasons not 3.”

That is true, but Mother Nature is very wise indeed because the crone of autumn has spent her time prudently. She has tenderly put her kingdom to rest, blanketing the eventual seeds of spring with the decaying memories of her regal reign.

Then, she relinquishes her authority over to the fickle machinations of old man winter and heads south for a much needed rest. There, she will renew and ready herself to return once again and take up her dominion in the spring.

Which is where we are now, the first week of spring, and I am crushing hard.

Can you, too, feel the budding energy of a new growing year? Do you feel the relief of making it through winter.

Are you just a little bit giddy, maybe even mad as a March hare, when you think of all the fertile gift she will bestow on all of us . Aren’t you just a little bit in awe of Mother Nature’s immense power to create?

I can hardly contain myself.

But it’s okay, I’ll share my Crone crush with you. Mother Nature has enough passion for all of us.

DSC00530 (2)

What are you Crone crushing on these days. Leave a comment and share.
































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    1. I live on Vancouver Island on the west coast of Canada and we are about 3 weeks behind this year. Let’s hope the wait will be worth it.
      Thanks for commenting.

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