3 x 3 Project – Week 6

What is the 3 x 3 Project?

My online friend, Slade Roberson wrote a interesting post on his site, Shift Your Spirits entitled Change Your Life In 3 Months .

The formula is simple:

Perform 3 action each week that move you closer to your goal.

Do it for 3 months.

Set down the framework for each month and then focus on the weekly actions. This is a bite size action plan that can work on any goal you want to achieve. Think big but act small.

This is my experience with the concept.



Mid Way Check In


I am now half way through this experiment and it is time for a little soul searching report card. What is working and what is not? What have I learned and what more could I learn? These are all deep thinking questions that will aid me as I move on to the second half of the 3×3 Project.

What Worked

Facebook with out a doubt, has been a big player in getting my blog out there and read. I have joined blog boosting groups and through the kindness of stranger and newly made online friends, I have had my blog read and reposted on other social media sights and received some great advice to boot.

Promotions on my Facebook site, https://www.facebook.com/croneconfidence/ have been successful and I doubled the number of followers.

I have increased my follower numbers on my blog as well and had the best view month ever. I also increased my numbers on Twitter.

What Didn’t Work

I tried a draw for my new followers on my Facebook site an failed miserably. Not one person signed up for my draw for a free reading. This was suppose to be a thank you offer but in reality, I should have boosted the post and opened the draw to a larger audience.

I have not figured out how to capitalize on the Pinterest craze that everyone is saying is the best place to get blog clicks. But truthfully, I need more focus on this as my outdated brain has only so much memory storage and it is rather full right now. So I will put this in the “what do I need to learn file”.

What I Have Learned

Firstly, that fellow bloggers are a generous lot and are more than willing to share.

That I have only scratched the surface of using social media and at times it overwhelms me.

That promoting one’s blog can be a full time job and I am not sure I am interested in it doing that. I also know that at the very least, I need to sustain the energy level I am applying right now.

That through this experiment, I am further defining my blog focus and that is a good thing. As I get more and more feed back from readers, I learning what they are looking for within my subject matter.

What Do I Still Need To Learn

What do I still need to learn? I don’t have enough space on this post to list it all.

So I will instead say, that what I would like to learn in the next few weeks is how to create a business account to better utilize Pinterest. To improve my meme graphics using Picmonkey, and use the knowledge I have learned in the camera class that I am half way through. Which will also help with Pinterest pins.

I’m also taking a local class in two weeks called, “Create & Sell Your Online Course” so that is something also that I want to learn. I have a course in my head that needs to get out into the world and I could use all the information I can get.

The Mid Way Analysis

The number one lesson I have learned through this project, is that as long as I am moving forward, as long as I am making progress, no matter how small, I am creating change in my life.

So along with continuing to promote my blog, the actions I have listed above will be my focus for the remainder of the project.

Whether I take big strides or baby steps, it does not matter. They still create an action, and I will be further along the path to my goal then if I had done nothing at all.

Last Weeks Actions

  1. I reached out to two online magazines to possibly contribute articles. I have heard back from one of them and they are interested to work with me but not until June as they have what they need until them. So stay tuned.
  2. I took a local workshop called, “Self Publish Your Book For Free” which was focused on Canadian publishing. Well worth my time and oodles of information. Check out Suzanne Anderson’s website, www.selfpublishing.ca  This gets a gold star for the knowledge boost.
  3. I discovered and signed up for Picmonkey, an online photo editing site. I am finding it easier to use than Canva and I am giddy with the potential creative possibilities.


What actions have you taken lately that has moved you towards your dream? Leave a comment, I’d love to hear about it and be inspired.





























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7 thoughts on “3 x 3 Project – Week 6

  1. Oh, my goodness. I know how you feel. I have been blogging for a little over 4 months now and feel like I still have so much to do and learn. Baby steps toward your goal are still moving forward.

  2. One of my goals for this year is to promote my blog, I noticed that boosting my blog on FB really works, and while I do get more people reading it, I’ve been thinking that I need to learn how to boost my post for maximum results. Thanks for mentioning about the groups on FB I didn’t know they have them. Thank you

      1. Oh thanks for the info, I’ll check them out. I actually had joined Blogging Boost but totally forgot about it, so thanks for the reminder, check it out it also looks really good. Thanks

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