The 3×3 Project – Week 9

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What is the 3 x 3 Project?

My online friend, Slade Roberson wrote a interesting post on his site, Shift Your Spirits entitled Change Your Life In 3 Months .

The formula is simple:

Perform 3 action each week that move you closer to your goal.

Do it for 3 months.

Set down the framework for each month and then focus on the weekly actions. This is a bite size action plan that can work on any goal you want to achieve. Think big but act small.

This is my experience with the concept.


Another Piece Of The Puzzle Fits In


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What a great week I just had!

Some weeks it seems you slide backwards. Some weeks it feels like you stand firm in place. Some weeks you take a small step forward and some weeks, you make a giant leap forward.

Last week I leaped.

I define leaping, in this context, as making huge progress towards the goals I have set out for myself.

When you set a goal for yourself, you are actually creating a measurement by which you can judge your progress. The present you is at point A. The goal is in the future, or point B. The distance between point and A and B is the space that can be measured. The unit of measurement in this case is the progress made in reaching the goal.

 What gets measured, gets moved.

This concept is really the underlying concept of the 3×3 Project.

The total distance is 3 months. The increments, or progress made within that measurement are the 3 actions every week. So every week those actions should produce movement and then based on the results of that movement, you can decide what will be you next move.

Sometimes the decision is to just keep moving in the same direction – hey it worked last week, why mess with perfection.

Sometimes the action may not create the desired result so the next action my actually be to change direction, but sometimes, you have to be patient and wait for the result of the action to manifest. That happened last week.

When I first started this project and contacted Slade Roberson, the author of the concept, he invited me to do a Podcast with him to discuss the idea. While we did the interview several weeks ago, it wasn’t until last week that the Podcast went live. This resulted in a large number of folks clicking through to my website. (Remember, one of my goals is to increase blog traffic.)

Then this last weekend, I realised a goal from an action I initiated over 7 months ago. Sometimes life gets in the way and you do not see results from an action for a long time, and that’s okay. As long as you continue to strive towards the goal with the intention you set out for yourself at the beginning, you are bound to see an outcome. It’s called perseverance.

After several setbacks, I finally got to take the Certified Coach Practitioner course that I signed up for way back in August of last year.


Certified Coaching Certificate
Here is me and the instructor, Abe Brown with my certificate.

This certificate I realized, as I was taking the public transit back to the ferry to travel home to my beloved Vancouver Island, is a major component of the goals I set out for myself at the start of this project. To me, it felt like a integral piece of my life’s puzzle just fitted into place.

Some of life’s puzzle pieces are scenery pieces and they contribute to the over all enjoyment of the picture. Only four are the cornerstone pieces. Those are the most important foundation pieces of your life such as your family, your belief system, your personal environment (where and how you life in this world), or your driving force (your missions in life). Some are border pieces, and their purpose is to help define the parameters of your life and they are secured by those four foundation pieces. This certificate represents one of those border pieces for me.

Think of it as a check off of my personal bucket list.

As I sat on that bus to the ferry, I felt as thought I had a better vision of how my life puzzle was manifesting. I could see how some of the other, centre pieces could now fit in place. How I could organise the different components, the metaphoric scenery pieces, into better piles so that I’d have them at the ready to fill in the different areas of the overall picture.

In the last year, I have been introduced to the term “upleveling your life”. I now have a deeper understanding of this term. When you move up a level, or achieve a goal, you gain a better view of the over all picture that is your life. But you also gain a better view of the vista’s that are beyond your own personal picture. That is where you will find more of the pieces that you may need to complete your own personal life puzzle.

Last weeks actions:

  1. Share, share, share my blog posts on social media. Let’s face it folks, a lot of being successful comes from repetition. A piano virtuoso must practise the same piece over and over again to prefect it. It ain’t glamorous but it is the nuts and bolts of the goal.
  2. Completing the Certified Coach Practitioner course. Happy dancing all over the place with this one.
  3. Collaborating with Slade Roberson on promoting his Podcast. This is different from sharing my posts because, while I benefited with increased traffic, the more important issue here is the collaboration of beneficial goals. Networking, idea sharing, working towards a common goal is how I believe life should be.


What actions did you take this week towards your own goals? Please comment and continue the conversation.   



















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6 thoughts on “The 3×3 Project – Week 9

  1. First of all congratulations on completing the Certified Coach Practitioner course, that is a huge accomplishment in itself. I haven’t listened to the podcast (time contstraints) but I will. And I really am proud of you, you set a goal and you are moving towards it and that’s another accomplishment in itself. Great to see you happy and accomplishing your goals, I’m rooting for you YYYYYEEEEAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!

    1. Thank you Masha for being my personal cheering squad. It really means a lot to me. You know what is amazing for me is, the more I accomplish, the more I want to accomplish. It’s like the ball started to roll and now I can’t stop it. My job now is to get out of it’s way and enjoy the ride. 🙂

  2. So many happy dances with that coaching certificate. That. Is. Huge.
    It’s funny because I know the “that which gets measured gets moved” i’m back in my personal trainer days but for some reason I have not applied it to my own life now. In the non-fitness room. I need to measure. Because Lord knows I need to move!

  3. Very interesting concept and a great way to simplify with manageable increments of 3. I will have to listen to the podcast. Congrats on your success and reaching the goals you’ve set for yourself.

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