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Last week my online friend, Masha Gitel Ellman posted on her blog about her new word for 2018;   Trust . I commented on her post that I had not given one thought to my 2018 word as I was still working on this years word, or in my case, my 2017 phrase;   I am powerful .

For those of you who are just a little confused as to what I am talking about, I will explain. At the end of December or the beginning of January, pick a word or small phrase to use as your personal mantra or personal power trigger that will embody what it is you seek to achieve, how you choose to act, or how you want to be for the coming year.

This power word is a personal choice and can be anything you want. My only advice is that you choose a word to appeal to your greatest good or highest self.

Anyway, my first thought upon reading Masha’s post was that it’s way too early to be thinking anything about 2018. There is still a quarter of 2017 left. Masha replied to my comment that the word “trust” just came into her mind and wouldn’t leave so she had no choice but to declare it.


Energy flows where your attention goes.

The Law of Attraction



I’ve seen the law of attraction manifest in my life enough times to not be surprised when things enter my life serendipitously and with little thought from me.

I’d only thought about it for a few minutes. It was only to consider the possibility. What would be my power word for 2018?

It didn’t come as a little voice, whispering it my ear as I went about my daily business and to tell the truth, if I wasn’t a firm believer that the universe is constantly speaking to us and we only need to pay attention, I would have missed it.

It started with a post I created on another blog that I write for my local downtown neighbourhood entitled, Community and Communication  . I am very passionate about my cities downtown district and the issues that are troubling it right now.

Then I read an online article about how social media is harming the current generations ability to communicate on a deep level. I also read one that argued that the reason the Las Vegas shooter did that horrible act, was because he lacked male companions with whom he could communicate and express his true feelings. You can’t make this up folks. I swear.

Finally my horoscope this week said that Jupiter will soon enter my house of communication where it will shine energy on my ability to communicate, write, and get my ideas across.

Hmmm, do you see the pattern forming? It seems the word “communicate” is a front runner for my 2018 power word.

And why not? With everything that is going on in this world, more folks need to speak up.  Each and every one of us has a voice. We all have opinions and we all have a responsibility to use our words to convey, debate, inform, enlighten and unite through positive communication.

Words have power. They can heal, or they can harm. They can cut you through, or surround you with love and belonging.

But to choose “communicate” as one’s power word for a whole year belies a responsibility to create dialogue aimed at manifesting something worthwhile. To communicate, means there is a chance others will listen, then, there is a chance that others may even believe what you have to say. That must not be taken lightly.

So whether I take on “communicate” as my 2018 word or something completely different. The message is pretty clear to me. The universe wants me to at least consider it. Perhaps Masha’s blog post was part of the message. It at least got me thinking in the direction I was suppose to, giving the law of attraction enough energy to flow the rest of the message my way.

So if I’ve got you thinking about your own personal power word for 2018, if I communicated my thoughts correctly and with influence, and you are pondering the possibilities, then maybe this post is meant to be part of your message from the universe. Are you paying attention?




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10 thoughts on “Communicate Is The Word

  1. WOW! this is powerful. I truly believe that the Universe is always communicating with us, all we have to do is tune into the energy and receive. I also took 3 words from your blog post, dear friend, that I mention in my blog “Helpful Tip to Get Your Dream Going.” So WOW.

  2. After all these years, you’d think I’d be used to it, but I still find it surprising when The Universe speaks!! Jupiter will soon be moving into my rising sign, signalling abundance. Thank you for the heads up on this, Diana. I’ve never tried living by a single word or phrase for a whole year And I’m not sure whether I can, but ‘Abundance’ sounds like an amazing word to get started with. Sue x

    1. Abundance does sound like a word to live by. Not only for a year but always. A power word is a good growth exercise. We could always use a little personal stretch. 😁

  3. This is a truly amazing post. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. And I’ve also learnt a thing or two about the power of communication. Keep it up Crone. This is the quality content I’ve been looking for.

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