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My intention was to write a completely different post for the New Year. One I probably will write at another time. I had it all planned out in my head, I had notes and references to use and had only to begin to write, until I encountered a lovely couple today in the little vintage store where I work part-time. The topic is still the same as I meant to write before meeting these folks, but my perspective has changed.

Let me first begin by saying that I have chosen the word “impact” as my power word this year. This is the word that will define my upcoming year. For the last week, I have been using this word to define my goals for each area of my life such as health, career, family etc., by asking the question, “How can I  positively impact my life and my circle of influence in 2018? It is the answers that I received from all these questions that I am using to create a yearly plan.

This question has given me a deeper insight into myself; who I strive to be as a person and what I want my personal legacy to be. When you really think about how your actions could possibly effect the world around you, you become conscious of the personal power you hold and the repercussions those choices can have on yourself and the folks that you interact with in life. How you choose to impact life is always a decision that is within your power. Will they be positive, or will they be negative?

And so this lovely older couple came into my place of work and made an impact on me that altered my perception of how we can affect the world around us and they did it with nothing more than a positive intent and friendly demeanor.

An open, light hearted attitude when encountering a stranger or an unfamiliar situation goes a long way to creating a positive experience. That is what this husband and wife achieved with me and because of this, we had an amazing conversation. They shared a few stories and in turn, I was able to aid them by giving information and recommendations about the community that only a long time resident like me would know.

Wonderful encounters like this is why I work with the public and because the word “impact” has been in my present thoughts, I am reminded that I have the privilege to impact the lives of many people each and everyday. It is a personal mission of mine actually. Every interaction I have with the folks I come into contact with, I strive to leave them in a better mood for having interacted with me. Even if it is just getting them to smile.

Delightful conversation like I had with this happy couple also reminded me that making an impact in 2018 does not have to mean making a big production. It does not have to mean performing amazing feats or attaining martyr level, self sacrifices. A simple, consistent and repeated act can achieve the same positive force.

The repeated, steady splash of water drops will eventually form a puddle. When the puddle overflows, a river is formed and flows until a lake is created. When the lake overflows, the water runs until it finds the vastness of the sea. So don’t tell me  something simple and small like a drop of water can not have a really big impact.

A life well lived is not about the grand achievements. It is about the small day to day pleasures. The genuine smile of a loved one. The innocent belly laugh of a child. The show of appreciation for a kindness given, or the peacefulness that flows within you at the end of a really good day. This is the impact of the lesson that this random meeting of two strangers reminded me to strive for in 2018.

Every soul has within its power to make this kind of impact each and every day. Practise kindness. Practise compassion, empathy, understanding, patience. Practise forgiveness. These gentle actions, when applied to yourself and the people around you in 2018, have the ability to be much more powerful than any other heavy hitting action.

After the chaos of 2017, our world deserves a respite from the insanity. So as you go about your life this up coming year and you strive for the goals you put forth as resolutions for yourself, remember to temper them with a consistent flow of love and understanding for your fellow man. This one action alone has the most authentic power to make a real impact in 2018.

Happy New Year. May your life be blessed with love, happiness and good health this year and beyond.




















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6 thoughts on “How To Make A Real Impact In 2018

  1. Resonated with this 100%; thank you so so much.
    I my own life, throughout 2016 and 2017 I have been exercising, genuine love, forgiveness, compassion, understanding and real empathy. Sadly it has hit brick walls and especially within those closest, of whom I believed to be, family members.
    Thiese set backs have empowered me more to continue the goal of spreading love, compassion and forgiveness throughout the rest of 2017 and into and beyond 2018, so from the very deepest of my heart and soul ‘thank you’ . I love your words of wisdom. XxXxX

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