Is This a Feminine Awakening Or The Reckoning Of Man?



In the last week, in Canada, 3 prominent political male figures have been forced to resign due to sexual misconduct allegations. In the United States, powerful males in the entertainment and business industries have been marked by similar claims. As I am writing this, the news on T.V. announces that yet again, another powerful business magnate is being accused of abusing his power against females. Is this phenomenon a modern day witch hunt, or is this, finally, the balancing of power using the scales of justice?

No one can deny that the chaos we’ve seen in the last few years has altered society in ways that has changed our perceptions of the balance of power in this world. Political leaders that defy traditional and moral forms of leadership, large corporations crumbling, rampant gun violence, global weather extremes, and a general malaise of discontent worldwide that has led to both individuals and groups feeling compelled to rise up and voice the need for change.

This, mainly, is a good thing. The silent majority is finally finding it’s voice and now with access to a world wide audience via the internet and social media, it has never been easier to unite under common banners of protest.

But herein lies the cautionary tale. At what point, with any protest, can we say that the pendulum of power is swinging too far in the opposite direction? And is there a general consensus with the population as a whole, as to where we want that power pendulum to finally end up when it finally does stop?

First, let me say that by no means do I wish to demean anyone who has suffered a personal violation at the hands of any other person. You have a right to be heard and a right to justice and I honor your strength.

What I sense though, is that this mass outing of abuse is a symptom of a greater imbalance and it is mother earth that is really the victim.

Our world is one of duality; right/wrong, up/down, lightness/darkness, male/female. We, as inhabitants of earth, thrive when these opposite energies are in balance. For too long the male energy on this planet has held the sway over the pendulum of power and now we are seeing a pull from the feminine as she urges the swing her way. But the energy being used to take back her portion of the balance is male, and so what is being created is disruption, anger, and chaos.

Is it any wonder that females are using male energy to fight back? Male energy has dominated mankind for millennia. It is what we have come to know as normal for both men and woman. War, dominance, empire toppling, slavery – human history recounts many epic tales forged in fire and battle where the fates of whole nations are determined with the cunning schemes and backroom dealings of those holding the power. It is a well worn path that has brought us to this point in time.

It is a path that is becoming more and more chaotic and is harming every aspect of our earth. To step back from this doom, we need to bring the pendulum of power back to center where it can be in balance.

So what are the differences between male and female energy? Here is a list of the dual energies. For every male characteristic, there is an opposite and balancing female energy. They are both as important and are both needed to create equality.

Masculine Energy     vs     Feminine Energy

doing     vs     being

aggression     vs     surrender

analytical     vs     intuitive

concrete      vs     abstract

impatient     vs     patient

striving     vs     tranquil

rushing     vs     nurturing

assertive     vs     receptive

left brain     vs     right brain

thrusting     vs     receiving

organization     vs     synthesizing

logical     vs     creative

busy     vs     calm

hard     vs     soft

controlling     vs     allowing

When you look at this list, it is easy to see how male energy became the dominant one. Yet if we want balance in this world, we need to understand that both energies must be equally represented.

Females are taking back their power and in order to take it back, they have to used characteristics that are held as traits of strength – male energies. That is why we are seeing this reckoning currently throughout the world. It is inevitable and necessary. But it must only be sustained until the ledger of power is balanced or nothing will ever change and we will not evolve as a race. To grow and expand, this world requires balance.

Because I am a female and I thrive when I am in a state of calm, nurturing and patience, it is my hope that we can emerge from this power struggle quickly and re-balance into a world of parity, and harmony. That movements such as “Me Too” are replaced instead with new movements like “Together we can”. Collaboration is the only sustainable way forward.

Perhaps one day we will be able to celebrate both males and females equally for the contributions that we each, as opposite ends of the power pendulum bring towards the true balance of human power and potential. Until then, it is up to each of us individually to not only express the best intentions of our gender but to respect the best intentions of the opposite gender at the other end of the balance of power and then model that to the generations to come until such times as the pendulum finally stops swinging.





Published by Diana Frajman

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8 thoughts on “Is This a Feminine Awakening Or The Reckoning Of Man?

  1. OMG! This is awesome!! You are spot on. It’s not a matter of being more masculine or more feminine It’s about recognizing this piece of ourselves. We all have BOTH energies. So, we need to find balance. We need to let the feminine piece shine (as you mention, we’ve focused too much on the masculine). The world is about balance (that’s what karma is all about – karma isn’t punishment, it’s balance). Men need to recognize and be ok with their feminine side, while women balance their energies, as well! I love it!

    1. Thank you Allison. This is such a hot button issue right now in the media and I feel like it is almost getting out of control. I wanted to share my thoughts on the matter. I so appreciate your support.

  2. Hi Diana,
    To answer your question: I think it’s finally a balancing of power. I wonder, though, why the person who occupies the highest office in the land is still there. Almost 20 females have made accusations against him. I’m off to stumble.

  3. thank you for this.  I have long believed in equality but recently have felt the rise of a matriarchy that was focused on domination has no place for that belief.

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    1. The world is going through a re-balance of energy of sorts. Lets hope we get through this stage quickly and with little carnage. Thank you for your support. 🙂

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