Abundance Versus Wealth. Is There A Difference?



A show of hands please. Who equates having an abundant life as having a wealthy life?

I mean if you have abundance, you must have wealth, right?

That is where people who seek abundance stumble. While abundance can mean having wealth, it is not the energy you should be focused on if you want an abundant life.

For me, the word “abundance” means having more than enough of something. So yes that can translate into having more than enough money or other material things such as a beautiful home or fancy cars. But in the spiritual sense, abundance is the well of gratitude that you possess which allows the energy of the material world to flow into your life.

Abundance is the well of gratitude that you possess which allows the energy of the material world to flow into your life.

Abundance is a mindset. It is looking at the glass half full instead of half empty. But it is also a soul centered belief, and this is the more important aspect because when you believe that the universe has abundance, then you open yourself to being part of the abundant flow of all things.

Are you an optimist or a pessimist?

Back to that half full glass, do you feel like you never have enough love, friends, money, time? Or are you content with your lot in life and offer thanks for all that you have? The answer to this question will reveal your belief about abundance.

Modern society has programed the masses to want more and more. In order to be a success in life we have been lead to believe that we need to strive for the big goals and seek fame and fortune. And, in order to achieve these modern dreams, we have also been lead to believe that we need wealth to achieve them.

But how many people living in beautiful homes and driving fancy cars are really content?

The ones who will say they are truly content will be the ones who have a belief of abundance. They don’t look at their possessions as proof for their hard work. They don’t consider acquiring a new car or some other expensive toy as a goal to work towards. People who have an abundant way of thinking believe that material wealth comes to them because the universe is ever expanding and as manifesting beings, we have the ability to create what ever we can conceive.

Those who think that abundance equates to wealth may actually be operating with a scarcity mentality. Wealth is an accumulation of assets. When your sole focus is on acquiring assets or getting rich, then perhaps somewhere deep inside, there is a feeling of not having enough that is driving your life.

Abundance living is believing that you have more than enough to be happy in this very moment, no matter what your current circumstance is. Happiness is an inside job.

If you find yourself lamenting, “I wish, or if only I had….” then you are not in the universal flow of abundance. That is a position of lack because you are more focused on what you do not have and not being grateful for what you already do have.

Do not mistake this attitude for dreaming. You can not create or manifest if you do not dream. To dream in abundance is to put the desire out into the universe and then let go of the outcome as you work towards fulfilling the dream.

Wishing and hoping is actually believing you can never achieve the dream with out some miraculous intervention.

Living in abundance is believing in co-creating the dream with the universe. You develop in your mind what it is you desire and then you work towards it in complete faith that the dream has already come true. You just have to work towards going out and meeting up with it.

Abundance or wealth. Is it an either/or? Or can wealth be achieved as a by-product of having an abundance mentality.

Being truly grateful in your heart and soul, for everything this life has ever provided, no matter how little you have, is the most congruent way to manifest more into your life.

Appreciation of the bounty of life is true wealth. The material things that result from that appreciation are just physical manifestations of your gratitude. To be enjoyed for sure, but not to be coveted in a way that their loss would result in devastation in your life.

No matter how expensive, luxurious or coveted your possessions are, they are just things. Do not be afraid to let them slip through your hands. The universe and all its abundance, can easily offer up more.

That is the secret to an abundant life. The more you clog your personal energy field by holding on to material things, especially if you no longer need them, the more you pinch off the flow of the energy of abundance.

So be grateful for what you have in this moment and develop an abundant heart, soul and mindset. Then watch your life prosper in ways you could never have imagined.

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4 thoughts on “Abundance Versus Wealth. Is There A Difference?

  1. I honestly think for some people, you just need to decide to be happy. If you’re happy when you have very little, you’ll still be happy when you have an abundant life.

    I know not everyone can just *be* happy, but life is so much more fulfilling if you can!

    1. Yes that is true but to be happy one needs to feel content and I think that being content is a form of gratitude. Thanks for taking the time to come by and comment.

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