Losing Connection And A World Gone Mad. Is There A Connection?


This has been a theme for me this last week – connection. A lesson we all need to relearn. Why? Because we are losing it folks, and it is becoming a epidemic that is adding to the chaos of our modern world.

Okay, perhaps that sounded a little dire. Perhaps I could write instead about how you need to call your mother and then all will be well in your world, and maybe it will, but indulge me for a moment or two.

Humans have become insulated from our environment in ways that may surprise you. It is effecting our health, it is degrading our civilization and it is harming the very planet that sustains us.

Lets start with our health.

All matter is energy. Whether it is a rock or a living being, we all vibrate at some frequency level in order to maintain our atoms in an orderly fashion to create our matter. Obviously, a rock’s energy vibrates at a much slower pace than a living organism. Vibration creates energy and so a higher vibrating being produces more energy.

We humans emit a electromagnetic field of energy that surrounds us like a bubble. For the most part, it is invisible to the average person. Although, if you know what to look for, you can see a hazy shimmering aura around people due to the photons of light we give off. So when we teach children to respect each other personal bubble of space, there really is one.


This energy field we give off acts both as a transmitter and receiver. It attracts and it repels other energies. If you have ever entered a room where people have been arguing and you can feel the tension, it is because the energy in the room was highly charged and you were indeed feeling the vibration. Alternately, if you have spent time around a highly emotionally, needy person and felt drained of energy from the experience, it is because you actually had been drained of your energy by a person who was literally sucking the life out of you.

Electrical devices also mess with our energy, and in todays world we have a lot of them. Energy waves like microwaves, radio waves, television waves and cellular waves look like the freeways of Los Angeles during rush hour as they travel around our world. If you  have ever watched the movie, “Lucy” with Scarlett Johansson, there is a scene where her highly evolved character picks a cellular wave out of the air. It is a great example of how all our communication waves might look like if we could see them.

” width=”720″] Scarlett Johansson in the Movie “Lucy”

All this energy effects our health. It bombards our bodies and weakens our cells and over time, it causes inflammations in our bodies that lead to disease. But thankfully, there is a simple remedy to our addiction to all this technology. It is mother earth and all we have to do is physically connect with her. The electromagnetic field that our earth emits helps us balance our own electromagnetic field. By physically putting our bodies in contact with the earth, we can absorb her energy.

This may sound so simple but think about it for a moment, 95% of the population walks insulated on the earth. We wear manmade soles on our feet that block out the healing energy that mother nature provides. We live in houses that are insulated from the balancing effects of the natural elements but are in turn, full of negatively effecting energies produced by manmade products. We have lost our connection to the very environment that is meant to sustain us.

But what other connections have we lost?

Recently I was having a conversation with a client about how rare it is to receive a letter or card in the mail these days. We both agreed how nice it was to have another person, take the time to sit down and actually write a personal note and then send it. A little paper keepsake offered from another soul.

When was the last time you had a deep conversation with someone where a cellphone was not in sight? When was the last time you enjoyed a family dinner where no television was blaring in the background? When was the last time you really saw someone; their hopes, their hurts, their vulnerability? Are these also lost forms of communication?

I also recently, watched a news reported which stated that health official’s worry that mothers with babies may be stunting their child’s emotional progress by not interacting with them as they are feeding. It seems there is a growing trend to scroll on their cell phones as they breastfeed and ignore the baby in favour of social media.

Do you see a pattern? Are we disconnecting from humanity and not even realising it. Have we become so insulated in our own little worlds, or better yet, the world of make believe brought to us via finely filtered images on social media?

So we have become insulated from our connection to our environment and we are becoming insulated from the simple pleasures of the heart. Could there be a correlation between these issues and how the world is quickly spirally into chaos?

Is it no wonder, we are becoming a polarised society?

And yet I am so very optimistic for mankind because the same technology that has disconnected us, can also connect us. We all have access to information now in real time and as such, we can react in real time. Protests, movements and immediate actions from the average person are making an impact on the leadership of the world. All thanks to a new form of global connection. The silent majority now have a voice.

It is my belief that if given the chance, the average person will do the right, moral thing. At the heart of all of us, is goodness. We also see proof of this in the feel good stories on the same media that brings us the outrageous and the chaotic.

What we need to do is make the good outweigh the not so good and we do that with more connection. But it must start back with each one of us individually in our personal energy field.

When you reconnect with the environment around you, the earth, the people, the community, you gift yourself with a new sense of harmony and peace. A feeling that you belong to something far greater than yourself. A kinship with all that is. Your personal energy will expand and will strengthen as you connect with the energy of the earth and as such, it will expand and strengthen with the positive energy of your community because you will focus more on what’s really important in life – connection.

So walk barefoot on the earth. Breath in nature’s pure oxygen in a forest. Swim in the healing waters of the ocean or a crystal clear lake. Let the earth reconnect to you as you reconnect to her. She will bring your peace and harmony.

Then, take that feeling and share it with your community. Smile at strangers, hug your kids and be present when you are with them. Have thoughtful dialogue with a neighbour or an acquaintance. Call a friend and invite them for coffee but put the cellphone away.

We are all connected through the energy of the earth and the energy we transmit and receive. The more we connect in a thoughtful, purposeful way, the better the energy can be for all of us and the healthier and more compassionate the world we live in will become.

Has the world gone mad? Maybe, but it is my hope that it is a temporary thing. We just need to reconnect to each other so we can understand once again, that we are all connected with an energy that was meant to heal. One that is full of compassion, and that can create wondrous matter with the right vibrations. All we have to do as individuals, is to make the connection.

Connect with me and lets share your good energy.

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5 thoughts on “Losing Connection And A World Gone Mad. Is There A Connection?

  1. I have just written about the unknown effects of the internet, cell phone connection and apps. I agree completely and yes I have also seen the film Lucy. I am also listening to 1984 by George Orwell which talks of the brain washing (like our selective news reports) and being continuously observed (a little like the transparent lives our children live now with little privacy and everything on snap chat or social media) we don’t need to get to know anyone we just read about them online. If that’s who they really are. I really enjoyed your post.

  2. I couldn’t agree more with this post. We are most definitely losing it, and we need to do something about it collectively as a race before it’s too late and we forget how to connect to one another. I agree, we need to make the connection.

    1. It is not enough to say it, it is everyone’s responsibility to do something about it. Even if it’s just to make a conscious effort to reach out to someone who lives out of our comfort zone.
      Thanks for adding to the conversation 😊

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