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January 1st is not the only New Year’s day we experience each year. We also have an astrological new year as well and it coincides with our birthday.

For me, my new year is coming up. I am a Virgo, born August 31st. Astrologists refer to this new year as our solar return. It is the exact time that the sun returns to the part of the sky where it was at the time of our birth.

But your solar return may not necessarily land on your exact date of birth each year. The earth’s year is actually 365 and 1/4 days long, hence we have a leap year every four years. This alters the time of your solar return somewhat so that the exact time of the suns return my fall the day before or the day after your birthday.

Think of the solar return as your moment each year to be in the sun’s exact beam of light. Is it any wonder we celebrate our day of birth. For that one day, we shine brightly and are kissed by the power of the sun.

If you are like me, you may feel re-energized around your birthdate. You may even feel that the season in which your birthday occurs is your favourite.

I have always loved the autumn season. As a kid, the start of the school year felt right, like I was starting fresh once again and no wonder, it is my personal new year.

From an astrological aspect, the moment of the suns return to our natal chart, it also illuminates the position of all the other planets in our chart. This gives us an opportunity to see what other planetary influences will effect our year ahead; what opportunities may present themselves and what challenges we may potentially face through out the upcoming year.

As I was researching solar return charts for this post I came upon a tidbit of information that gave me even more insight into the energy patterns of my life. A solar year has a wind down period as well. Usually the 10 to 11 weeks before your birthday is a time where the planetary aspects of the current year begin to wind down in preparation for the new aspects of the year ahead to come into play.

This info makes so much sense to me in my life. I have always felt that the summer season was the hurry up and wait season. I have no desire to start anything new. Any plans I make for myself personally during the summer months are always with an eye to start them in the fall.

My frame of mind during the summer months is one of stagnation, of just being and enjoying the simple pleasures of life.  I do the minimum of chores and maintain a status quo.

But, you say, a lot of us feel this way. After all not much happens during the summer. Folks plan holidays. Kids are out of school. Businesses are working with reduced staff and governments are not in session. Yet I have always felt this slowdown in my soul, all the while looking with anticipation for September to arrive so I can get going once again.

It is at this time of the year, the month of August to be exact, that I want nothing more than to relax on my deck with a good book and an ice cold beverage in my hand. I love to think deep thoughts and dream big dreams and plan for, what I have always thought of as, my new year.

And now I know that there is an astrological reason behind this feeling.

As the sapphire blue skies of July haze into the sun bleached denim skies of August, I also get a sense of nostalgia. Fond memories of my children’s carefree play on sandy beaches mix with the culinary pleasure of family barbeques, the sticky fingers from the juicy offerings of a roadside fruit stand, or the red stains and scratched armed sacrifice of an afternoon of blackberry picking are all traditions I savour from the past and honor in the present. These are the memories I am meant to treasure at this time of the year.

My old personal year is winding down. I feel it, and now I know why. It is a time to rest and reflect for me but it is also the time to prepare for the gift of the sun’s return when it will shine its light once again on my life for that one brief moment and illuminate my personal new year ahead.

What does the universe have in store for me next year? What aspects in my life will continue and what new adventures are just around the corner? These are the secrets from the universe that are yet to be revealed. All I know is, I can’t wait.






















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