Seeds Of Possibilities

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Mother nature doesn’t wait until spring to plant her seeds. She drops them in the autumn so that they have the opportunity to bury deep into the soil with the help of the rain and the snow. There they wait, swelling with possibility until the time is right in the spring to burst forth.

Now is also the best time for you to plant some seeds. What ideas and plans do you have that could use a little fallow time in the field of possibilities? What are the dreams that reside deep in your heart but are yearning to be released into the world? These are your seeds. It is time to sow.

We talk of New Year’s resolutions. We talk about January first as the time to start fresh. But in order to hit the ground running at the start of the year, energized with great intentions, we must first know where we are running to.

November is the best time to plan for the new year. In the quiet darkness of late autumn and before the stress of the holiday season is upon us, begin to drop your seeds of possibilities into a notebook or planner. Sketch out your dreams. Commit to a future plan of action. Then let it swell and gather the nutrients of synchronicities and possible opportunities. The universe is a rich field of manifestation. Allow it to do it’s job.

Come January, with the start of a fresh new year, your ideas and plans will be ready to germinate and have a far better chance to grow into something that is solid and real.




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  1. Here in the southern hemisphere November is late Spring, and the days are long and bright and warm. But your advice still applies – November is a good time to take stock and plan for the coming year.

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