It’s Spring! Time To Let Your Inner Maiden Out



I’ve always though it weird that in the deadest season of  the whole year, we humans buck the trends of nature with the concept that come January 1st., we must launch ourselves into action and commit to goals and plans to better ourselves for the new year ahead. All the while, everything else slumbers.

And now the first quarter of the year is almost finished. I’ll bet most, if not all of your New Year resolutions are by now just memories. Your great, passionate goals for 2019 have mellowed into hopeful intentions at best. The season has turned and spring is upon us. But that is really a good thing because now is the time to get moving on all those plans you didn’t quite have the energy to launch way back in January.

Modern living has caused us to be out of sync with the natural rhythms of the earth. Technology has disrupted our connection to the cycles of nature. While all wonders of convenience, things like artificial lighting, mass transportation, even the availability of out of season produce have all contributed to messing with our connection to the environment around us. In order to thrive, todays societies need to operate at a steady pace year round and so we no longer get the long rest of winter like nature does. We have become out of tune with the songs of the earth as we endeavor to create our own modern music.

And now it is spring – natures New Year. I was reminded of it this week by a lovely young lady of Persian decent. She told me she was in town to celebrate Nowruz,  the Iranian, or Persian New Year which happens to fall on the first day of spring. To me, the timing of Nowruz makes perfect sense. The earth is waking up once again with new life. You can feel the energy of hope, and maybe just a little wonder, as the early blossoms and the tender green shoots begin to peak their heads out of the grey dead earth and once again regain control of the landscape.

Should we not be waking up too? Are we not feeling a little more energized? And does it not seem a little more logical that we too, just like the rest of nature, feels compelled to get out and start doing stuff once again?

I say that now is the time to start your New Years resolutions. Now is the time to launch into a new project. Especially if you took my advise way back in November and set the seeds for your goals and projects deep into the rich soil of your mind where they could slumber and absorb the nutrients of your thoughts while we waited out winter. Just as the seeds of nature are dropped into the rich soil of the earth in the autumn to hibernate and wait until once again, the earth awakes in spring.

There is a season for everything and spring is the season of growth. At no other time of the year will you see as much progress in the cycle of life on earth as you will in springtime. Why not harness that abundant energy and grow as well? The odds of you being successful are much greater when you have the support of the earth’s renewed energy of spring then when she is sleeping and re-energizing in the dead of winter.

For the triple Goddess of the Maiden, Mother, Crone, spring is the season of the Maiden. The energy of the Maiden represents new beginnings. She is the Goddess of the dawn, of youthfulness, anticipation of life, fresh potential and expansion. The Maiden is the Goddess of art, creativity and self expression – of beauty, intelligence, and skill. No matter your age, there is a little maiden in every woman and it can be felt the strongest in the spring.

So I am going to suggest to you that you shed off the guilt of those failed January resolutions and on the first warm day in your area, head outside and breathe in the fresh potential of spring. The next quarter of the year holds the greatest potential for growth for the year. Enjoy the folly of your inner Maiden. Get out and play. Dance amongst the sprouting seeds of your intentions. Raise your face to the sun and soak in it’s rays to boost your personal energy so that you can cultivate the plans and goals you have sown in your mind.

It is the season of the Maiden. So let your inner Maiden out and get building the life you really want to have. But as with youth, let her explore. Let her be just a little bit curious and give her the freedom to discover and create because in nature, the real beauty is in the mystery of what is allowed to blossom.

















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  1. This maiden is traipsing around her reality and having a ball! Thanks for the word picture.

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