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Good Intentions


I had a dream last night and while I was dreaming I thought to myself, “Hmmm, this is good advice” then, I promptly forgot the dream as soon as I woke up. But the dream was meant to be remembered because while having coffee this morning and scrolling on Facebook, I read a post from a friend which triggered the dream back into my memory.

The message of the dream was about intention. As in the purpose of the actions we take or why we do the things we do.

The fact is, most of the actions we take in our daily lives we do without thought. They are mindless actions, almost robotic. Your morning routine, your driving route to work even the habits we have created in our lives like the words we use in our greetings or acknowledgements are all done with out much intention. They are just how we operate in this world and how we differentiate ourselves from the human pack. They are our quirks and daily rituals in life and if asked, you’d be hard pressed to say why you do one over the other.

But in the dream, the lesson was about taking the time to understand the reason behind our actions. How do they serve us? Are they aligned with our authentic selves?

Now before you start thinking that this post is headed towards woo woo territory, let me back this up a bit. Remember that we are energy beings and that we are continually emitting an electro-magnetic wave or in other words, we send out energy vibrations.  The heart has 40,000 speciality cells called sensory nuerites that act like a little brain. They actually can learn, think and sense independently from the brain. This special bundle of cells produce a 100 times stronger electric and 5000 times stronger magnetic field than our brain does. The benefit of this is that the heart can quickly by-pass the analytical mind and ego and is a direct hotline to our deep intuition. It works via the emotions we produce. So when you get a sudden, unexplained emotional reaction to something, it is the little brain in your heart at work.

Human beings are much more powerful if we operate as heart centered beings instead of brain centered. But the brain and heart actually work together. When our emotions are in sync with our thoughts it is said that we are in harmony with ourselves or there is heart- brain coherence.

So why is this important and what does it have to do with intention?

When the heart sends a signal to the brain in the form of an emotion the brain responds and produces a chemical which it then sends through out the body. If the emotions is, for example fear, the chemical the brain sends out might be adrenaline so as to boost the muscles in aid of a fight or flight response. If you are happy, the heart sends a message to the brain and it might produces a dopamine chemical to relax the body to correspond with the emotion.

This is the system of the body but we are also constantly vibrating our energy out into our environment and the universe beyond as well. For this we need some sort of vehicle to project those vibrations outward. That would be intention. It is an action so it is a catalyst to project our energy.

Intention is the synergy of the brain and heart working together. Intention takes our emotions and feelings and blends them with the knowledge, experiences, and wisdoms in our memory and thoughts in our brain and creates an outcome. What we choose to do with it, or how we decide to act because of that outcome creates an intention and it is that intention that fuels our energy forward out into our environment.

When you intentionally create intentions, you can intentionally create your world because you are in control of the electro – magnetic energy you are emitting. Good intentions produce higher vibrations, bad intentions produce lower vibrations and no intention produces random vibrations. The universal law of attraction states that like attracts like, so what you sent out, you receive back.

How to Set an intention

Perhaps you are saying that you tried to set an intention to loose weight for example and it didn’t work. Well the first thing I will tell you is loosing weight is not an intention, it’s a goal. Intentions are more like an operating system for your life. So if you set the intention to live your life in health and to do your best to choose actions that support that intention you would have a better chance to loose the weight.

To carry this further, remember that good intentions produce higher vibrations so if you have success with your intention to live healthy you would most likely feel happy, confident, self love, even pride. These are all good emotions and will send messages to the brain that will send out chemicals to support those emotions. Ones that make your body feel good, reinforcing your intention for a healthy life. But if your intention (goal) is to just loose weight, the first time you fell off the diet wagon and cheated you might feel emotions such as self loathing, depression, frustration, even anger. These are lower vibrating emotions and might send messages to the brain that send out chemicals that can built up in your muscles and joints that cause stress and inflammation making your body feel bad. Not much of a positive reinforcement so you would likely ditch the diet.

With the healthy life intention, from which the goal to loose weigh might spring from, even if you slip up occasionally, you have created enough self-love reserves in yourself that you easily can get back on the wagon and carry on because you know that you are not perfect but that your intention is good.

So by setting intentions, you are creating foundations for the structure of your life. They are values and beliefs that hold you up to the way that you want to live. But intentions must be practiced until they are embedded securely into your psyche. After all, the road of life is paved with good intentions. Unless they are supported with good emotions and thoughts they can not create good energy vibrations that will also attract like vibrations.

If you have wondered why one person always seems to have luck and happiness on their side and others can never catch a break, it’s all about their intentions and how they choose to vibrate out into the world. You are in complete control of your own intentions, do you want to let it be up to chance and let fate control your life or do you want to decide for yourself what kind of energy you send out into the world and in return receive the same back in kind. Try sending out good intentions for a while and see for yourself what comes back to you. Even if you are skeptical, setting good intentions for yourself will never hurt you as your heart will be sending good signals to your brain and in turn it will produce feel good chemicals through out your body. What’s not to like about that.
























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2 thoughts on “It’s All About Your Intention

  1. This is very interesting. I was particularly interested in the nuerites in the heart: we so often speak of the heart ‘knowing’ something before, or independently of, the brain; we are often encouraged to “follow our heart” at the same time as being aware of the possibility of “heartbreak” or “heartache”. And your distinction between “intention” and “goal” is important and clearly made. Thank you.

    1. As they say there is usually threads of truth to old sayings. As in, follow your heart or the heart wants what the heart wants. Thanks to science, we now know that the heart knows quite a lot.
      Thanks Carmel for adding to the conversation 😊

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