When You Just Have To Go For It



It tugs at you relentlessly, this idea that has taken up space in your head. It’s all you can think about and the more you think about it, the more it evolves and grows and builds upon itself until you are sure you will go crazy unless you manifest it into something real.

To me, ideas like this are conceptions of fate. Bursts of inspiration from out of no where that have the capacity to change your life. Thoughts that are meant to move you along your path and to realise your potential. All that is required from you is to allow it to manifest.

Okay sure, you will have to do some work, but it is work fueled by passion. That’s the best kind. Passion that works like rocket fuel and is meant to give this wondrous idea an extra big boost.

Sure you will have to stick your neck out with the hope that it doesn’t get chopped off by the critics of the world. That is the risk attached to any fate but isn’t that what life is really all about – to go out into the world and become who you were meant to be?

But do you really have a choice? This thing, this idea, it’s taking over your mind, your body – maybe even your sanity. It has to be born out into the world. It just has to. It is stretching its limits and no longer fits the confines of the container – you. Like the bark of a tree, it is time to shed and grow.

That’s when you know with out a doubt, that you just have to go for it. Make the leap, take the chance, do the work, create and grow. Feel the old you break and reform. You can never go back and live your sheltered old life, the universe has given you a gift in the form of an idea and it must not be ignored.

Whether this idea fails miserably or soars to great heights, it is out of your hands now. You did what fate asked you to do. Those ideas that pushed at the very limits of your being, were not yours to begin with. You were just the vessel in which a power far greater than you has decided this idea needs to be manifested from. Your only job in all of this was to let it happen and just go for it.

And what if you don’t go for it? What if, despite this call to action from a power far greater than any of us, you turn away and go about your life. Perhaps you reason that the timing is not right or you need to think about it some more, or perhaps, the real truth is that you are just plain scared. Will the universe patiently wait for you?

This gift of an idea was given to you because it’s meant to be manifested out into the world and your unique perspective is what’s needed to make it so. And while the universe is patient, it will not wait forever.

If you have ever seen an idea of yours created by somebody else, one that you were so sure was unique unto itself but instead hoarded it close to your heart like the treasure it surely was, you will know this to be true. “That was my idea.” you might say, but here it is in the real world for all to see. Sometimes better that what you may have created and sometimes not.

But that’s not the real issue here. The universe wanted it manifested and so it endeavored to make it happen by whoever would heed the call. Someone who would not ignore the crazy idea that would not go away inside their head and decided that despite their fears, or what others might say, that they just had to go for it. While you are left sitting on the sideline of life with your unrealised potential.

So the only question that remains is, what crazy idea is taking up space inside your head right now that came out of nowhere and that the more you think about it, the more it grows until you’re ready to burst? What are you planning to do about it?














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