What Would Happen If…..



What would happen if?

  • You said, “No” and meant it – but thanks anyway.
  • You had coffee with that guy who asked, even though he was not your usual type.
  • You signed up for the course you have always wanted to take.
  • You researched the dream trip that’s on your bucket list.
  • You listened to you inner voice and believed it, then ignored the critics who said it couldn’t be done.
  • You took a chance, let go of your fear and just went for (fill in the blank with your own dream).

What would happen if, instead of overthinking something, you just made a gut decision? Maybe nothing at all. But then again, maybe something truly amazing.

Every magical dream come true event, happens because one thing changed. A simple decision was made, and that one small adjustment becomes the catalyst for a life changing event.

An abrasion in an otherwise, unremarkable existence, like the striker strip on a box of matches in which the match, once scratched, produces the spark that ignites the flame of potential.

It’s like the theory of the butterfly effect. The idea that a butterfly flapping its wings on one side of the world could be the start of a wave of air that builds until it is a hurricane on the other side of the world.

Is it really that simple? Could one small decision to do something different from what you have always done be all that it takes to create change in your life?

Well let’s see what might happen to the examples from the start of this post.

So what could happen?

  • The woman who finally learns to says “no” politely and without guilt, may create a foundation in which she is able to grow her personal inner power and take complete control of her life once and for all.
  • The decision to say “yes” to a coffee date with Mr. “So not your type” could be the start of a great love affair ending in a fairy tale wedding and a happily ever after.
  • The determination to finally take that course could be the factor that creates a new and successful career.
  • The results of your research could reveal that indeed, your dream trip is achievable and can easily be made into reality. Is your Passport up to date?
  • You learned that your gut instinct was right all along and the critics are soon silenced.
  • That leap of faith you took becomes the best decision you’ve ever made and your life opens up in ways you could never have dreamed of.

Now here’s another question to ponder.

What would happen if you did nothing?

I think you know the answer to this one. Perhaps you have been doing it all along, and if you have, then I have just one more question.

How’s that working for you?




Originally posted Oct. 30/2017





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