When The Universe Washes You Clean

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I am a firm believer that the universe is always communicating with us. We need only to get quiet and pay attention to hear the message.

I have said this over and over again in this blog, and most likely, will continue to say it. It bears repeating. The reason is that we are not alone in this great big world. We are always connected to a source far more powerful than all of us combined. If you get nothing else from my writings, get that.

I have also said, here in this blog, that the universe whispers it’s infinite wisdom very softly, hence the getting quiet part. But if we don’t pay attention, eventually we will suffer the consequences because the universe must be heard.

Time and again, I’ve seen this pattern. I too am no stranger to the universal law of cause and effect for I am a stupid human just like everyone else. Why is it that it’s only after the fall that we see the universe’s message like a large boulder in the middle of the road yet we had plenty of time to go around it and avoid catastrophe. There were signs everywhere but our ego, or just plain obstinance prevented us from acknowledging them and so we smack right up against this unmovable force.

We cry foul, rail at the system, blame everyone and anything – it’s not our fault after all. Or we sulk, breakdown in tears, fall into deep despair – we give up on life. The one thing we don’t do, is get quiet and listen and so life becomes harder than it needs to be.

This, is at its very core, is why we attract chaotic energy into our life because we refuse to pay attention to the messages of the universe.

But sometimes the universe, in it’s desire to get us back on track and rise up to the infinite potential that is our life, actually removes barriers for us. At the time though, we do not see them as that, we see these barriers as painful loss. The death of a loved one, the loss of a job, the loss of material wealth are all ways the universe clears our path.

Loss is a tough lesson. Heartache is emotionally painful. So how could these experiences possibly be helpful and aid in our personal growth? Because the universe does not see loss as a punishment. The universe does not operate from an emotional perspective. That is a human trait. The universe operates on a cause and effect scale. It’s a matter of balance.

Nothing is permanent. All things die. That is the continuous cycle of this planet. In order to have regeneration and renewal, something must be given up. If you look at this concept from a universal, non-emotional perspective, death is easier to understand.

Another concept that must be taken in, is to understand that the universe abhors a vacuum. Meaning that matter will quickly fill the space left behind when something is removed.

I’m talking about this because sometimes we have a series of events that strip us bare. When you are experiencing great loss it’s easy to feel like there is a dark cloud hanging low over your head. How could I have been given such bad luck? But if you understand that the universe is, in reality, just clearing your path in order for you to move forward, or in other words, the universe is letting you experience loss, even death, in order for you to experience rebirth, you may be better able to bear the emotional heartache that comes with the experience as well.

Now I am not inferring that loss is a blessing. Who would want to loose a loved one or suffer catastrophe. What I am trying to imply is that if you can rise above this horrible experience and see it from the non-emotional, cyclical perspective of life, death, rebirth, then you can at least see that eventually, the sun will shine again in your world and life will go on.

As a storm wreaks havoc on the earth but leaves the land and sky washed clean, so too does the universe use loss to cleanse our souls leaving fresh space for new growth.

Think of life as the seasons. Spring is when the energy of fresh ideas burst forth like buds on a tree. We are excited and embrace life.  Summer is a time of abundance. We toil in the fields of becoming our best self, or we choose to lay in the fresh grass and watch the clouds float by. In autumn, we reap what we have sown from the energy of our summer. It is here that the universe either bestows us with a storehouse of rewards, or if we did not use our energies wisely in our summer season, it puts that boulder in our path. Then in winter, we rest and let death cleanse the fallow fields of our life to prepare us, once again, for the re-birth of spring.

If you are in a place of heartache or loss, you are in a winter season and just like the real winter season, you can either hunker down and hibernate and forget about the world outside, you can grumble about the foul weather and rage at the skies, or you can except the situation and do your best to accommodate what can not be changed knowing that spring will always follow winter.

Every thing that we experience in life has a lesson threaded through it. You chose to learn the lesson and grow when you can see beyond the emotional turmoil that swirls around the experience and instead, see the wisdom hidden beneath the surface. Sometimes the universe needs your soul to be stripped bare and washed clean. It does not do this to hurt you, it does this to expose you to the deeper lessons of life.

But because as humans, we have free will, the choice will always be yours as to whether you choose to bury your, scraped raw soul, wrapped in a blanket of painful emotions in the field of autumn hubris or whether you instead, let the energy of the universe wash it clean where it can rest in the darkness of your winter, healing – gathering energy, until the first rays of spring sunshine spark your healed self once again back to life.




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6 thoughts on “When The Universe Washes You Clean

  1. This lovely message came at a perfect time. I will run it off and put it in my journal as a reminder to be gentle with myself and look for the higher meaning in life’s events.

    1. Thank you Bernice. I’m glad it resonated for you and I hope if you should re-read it later in your journal, it provides even more insight.
      Best of the season to you. 😊

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